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So yeah I got up this morning and it looked quite warm, even though it was dark and cloudy our, but I was like “At least it’s not raining out.” So I went and showered came back changed, put the batteries in my camera and started to head out the door, when I saw someone walk by my room with and umbrella and raincoat. I looked again, and it was raining, fairly hard. I was like, SHIT. So I put my camera back and replaced it with an umbrella. Damn rain.

I went to class and no one was there, well ok there were alot of people there if you compare it to the attendance at my 2oclock class, but there was still very few people there.

Only 4 more class “periods” left before finals start, I can’t wait, yet I’m dreading it. I have so much that needs to be done, but really don’t have the ambition to start or do them. I have a Stat Project to do, and I have to read my Bus Law and MIS books. I have to study this weekend, I must, but there’s so much other stuff that I also need to do, I need to move my loft out of my room this weekend, otherwise I face the risk of “making too much noise” during finals week, which they can write me up for. Bastards. I’ll figure it all out I’m sure, but whatever. It’s very stressfull right now….

But now I’m off to take some pictures now that it’s bright and sunny out. Laters.

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