Yay, so grades are out now for the Summer Semester.. I got a B in Cobol and a C+ in my Psych class… I’m excited.

The new Macs came out yesterday and they’re really pretty.. Head over there if you haven’t seen them. I’m thinking about getting a Ti-Book. I can in theory afford it. It’s only $3200 for the top of the line one through MPC… Good times.

I haven’t really been up to much. I’ve been putting in 10 hour days. Not so much fun. But eh, $100 a day is pretty damn good I think. We’re working in this really stupid project right now… I swear they give us the stupidest things to do when we have far better things to get done… Things currently on my list to do:

1. Backups
2. MySQL
3. Heartbeat
6. Exim
7. Real
8. Real-Backup
9. NTP
10. Rsync – Windows
11. Apple Talk Zones
12. Pool IPs.
13. Rachel’s IMAP (With three !!!’s after it)
14. CSGF RM ~> Link.
15. IMAP / Exim (Mail/Folders)
16. Shellies Outlook (Corrupt??)
17. Vermont Time Frame (For Upgrade)

Now if you have any idea as to what most of this things are… Good Job!

As for other things… Well I’ve been working out as well. And watching some interesting things on the History channel.

The other night I attempted to make Mac and Cheese for the first time.. Without using a box. I got it a bit too cheesy, but it was still good. lol

Andy’s been trying to get Ramsey and I to go out to lunch with him forever… I would, but I just don’t have any money to go with him. Oh well, it’s still amusing to watch him come in every day and bother us about it.. Good times at work!

Hey look at that… For the first time in forever, I’ve got through a post without mentioning you know who’s name… It’s sad really.. That it’s not mentioned…


I really miss him. Love ::hugs::

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