Oh… Brothers.

So today’s been exciting… But last night…

After the rage of the last post, we went out to downtown, Adam kept bitching at me and telling me I’m a grumpy pants. Then he got all grumpy ass on me. So whatever. I was trying not to be grumpy, but my mom REALLY pissed me off. We hung out down there until 9:00, we called EVERYONE, but no one answered thier damn phones. Bastards… All of you! No, not really. But I just REALLY wanted to hang out last night and no one was out!

So we went back to his house, watched TV and made salsa and garlic bread. It was good. I was dead tired though! I left there about 11:30 cause he had to work at 8 this morning and I had to work at 9 this morning. gwar.

I got up this morning and met My dad’s boss at the warehouse again. Followed him over there and fixed his computer. I got down with that about 12:30. From there I went back to Ankeny where I met up with Adam. We went to the fair and met Dusting Wag there.

He knew some guy that was playing in a band so we went and watched them… We walked into the tent and instantly there was this really hot guy in a blue shirt. I was like… OH!! He was hot… Dusting started walking towards him and went in three rows ahead of him, but instead of sitting down he went back a row, and then another and then another… Tell we were RIGHT next to the hot boi. Dustin sat down and said hi to the lady next to him, and inbetween us and the hot boi. I was like… WHAT?? Adam explained it was his brother and I was like.. DAMN! But he’s still hot. So I watched him for a while, tell he caught me….

Then he took off his shirt.. OMG, OMG! Talk about hot… He’s not built, or anything, but he’s got the body that I want, the body that I worship… He’s muscular, but not too hard. He’s just so hot… I had to point it out…. And then Adam, being the dream wrecker that he is…. Said “Honey, I think he’s like 15.” I was like SHIT! People and thier damn hot… WAY to young brothers…..

I wish I could have a body like his.

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