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Stupid Bitch

So, yesterday Adam called me at work and said he had a present for me…. It was a cute little kitten. However, since I can’t have animals at my apartment and it’s $100 fine PER DAY, I didn’t want to take the chance. So I said, lets call my mom. We called her and explained the whole story… She said she’d keep it and take care of it. So we took it over there and hung out and she played with it for like an hour before we left. She said she’d keep it.

I was all excited cause we had a new cat and everything, and it was fun times… Well about 46 minutes ago we arived at my house, and went into the living room, asked where the kitten was… She got this horrid look on her face and said that Connie, my aunt, had come with my cousins and they had taken the cat. Cause they “latched onto it” I was fumming with anger. I wanted so badly to jump on her and punch her and scream… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!

First of all, we called you. NOT them to take care of it. If you didn’t want the damn cat, then you should have said so on the phone. Second, you don’t just go and give it away. I wanted to keep the cat, it was cute and I wanted a cat. GRRR! Stupid bitch.

So, on a better note. Last night sucked, we went out and there wasn’t anyone around… No one was even going to go to Java Joes so that we could hang out before they went to the club. GRR at that.

So Adam and I said screw this and went back to my apartment.. Well we stopped at his house first and made salsa. Then we went back to my apartment. WE ate and talked and had a good time. It was lots of fun. We also stayed up tell like 3am linuxifing his computer. It was great times.

This morning I got up at like 8 and Adam opted to sleep more, so I went in and worked more on his computer. Then we had to meet my dad’s boss in Des Moines, so we drove there and went to work on his computer. That was alright. While we were there we decided to re-linuxify his computer…. It looks like we’re going to have to re-do it yet again. lol

After three hours at his house, and sitting there waiting for his computer to do a virus check, we left to go to Perry… which is a LONG fucking way from Altoona, which is pretty much where we were!

We went to Perry and that was fun, we fixed her computer in no time flat, and I made $20, so that was good! After that we hung out and she gave me some plants and some cute litte candle holders… She also gave me this CUTE throw blanket thing. It’s so cute!

From there we went back to my house and found out the horrid news. Which now has me in a REALLY pissy mood, STUPID BITCH! Gwar!

It looks like I”ll have to go back to my dad’s bosses house tomorrow and shit to finish fixing his computer….

I’m out now…. I want to go out tonight though. So we’ll see.

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