My Life

It’s alright….

So the last 3 days have just totaly sucked. I mean, the apartments great. I’ve got my own place, I can do what I want, when I want it. I’ve been excercising some lately as well, 20 sit ups and then 10 push ups and then 10 minutes on the ab-roller thing… I dunno if it’s actually working, but my whole upper body is sore as hell. I wanna be a hot bitch!

Works been alright, Nazanin’s laid off on some of the crazie ideas, except last night….

Today the Dell man came to fix the server, a production server, one that CAN’T be down, or someone loses thier job… We didn’t have a backup server for it at 5:45 last night. I leave at 6. So I said, alright, and went to work on the machine that she told me to REFORMAT and install windows and set it up to server 10 websites! Now, if you’ve ever tried installing windows, you know that it’s like a 2 hour process… on a GOOD machine, the one that she wanted to use was a POS! So I said SCREW this at like 5:50 and just set up the websites on my computer between 5:50 and 6:00. I was out only 5 minutes late. So yeah, stress! Much other shit happened today which stressed me the hell out, but whatever.

So yeah, being away from everyone’s really sucked though. Adam hasn’t been online for like 3 days. He’s finally online tonight and it’s good to talk to him.

Very stressful. I want to be out and about, but I don’t know anyone here in Ames, and I can’t just go out on my own and find people to hang out with. Gwar. I hate this life.

On a better note, the guy across the hall is hot… But appears to have a gf, so that sucks.

Tomorrows the last day of class!! I must go study now. Love!

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