My Life

So it starts

Last night leaving was kinda hard… It’s starting already, the weekends together, and the weeks apart. It’s depressing. But we made it though last year, so we’ll make it through this year as well. It was hard though to leave last night.

Today, I haven’t really done much. I went to class and then went to work. It was very amusing actually. We had our weekly tech meeting…. Like I said yesterday Vermont got totally fucked up… So Nazanin wants to recreate what happened that night. Her suggestion: “Why don’t we just pull the power and then plug it back in and pull the power” all done repeatedly. Chris and I were like “HELL NO!” You know how bad that is on the power supply and the RAID and everything else in the damn computer… That got quite the argument going about things. So yeah, it was amusing as hell.

We also got the gigabit cards in for the servers… everything’s going to have dual gigabit here soon. Once we get drivers for Linux……

Tonight I came home and I watched that damn Real World Movie… That was the BIGGEST waste of two hours that I have ever seen!! GARR!

Alright, I’m out to watch the news or soemthing… I love high speed internet!

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