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First Night… It’s starting agin

So today has been very eventfull. I went to class… Ok that part wasn’t eventfull. Then I went to work… apparently we had power outages from 2:30 this morning to about 7:50 this morning. Which had drained the batteries on Vermont….. which therefore caused problems when power would be restored and then we would have an outage again within 3 minutes… because during those three VERY critical minutes it verifies the RAID and if you cancel that out, it fucks things up ROYALY! So yeah, Vermont wouldn’t come up right.. and then when we did get it to come up.. the date was off, which took us a while to realize, so everyone’s mail was dated, 11/24/65 it was odd. lol

After we got all that fixed the rest of the day at work was very uneventfull. But then I went back to Ankeny for the GLRC. Melinda (Adam’s mom) really liked my hair, I’m glad. Cause out of everyone, she would have been the one to hate it… Barb also liked it. lol. Then we went off to group, which was fun and very eventfull like always. I have a feeling that nothing’s going to get accomplished for this float… I wish I could see it on Wed, but I just can’t.

After that we all went to Java Joe’s. Mike showed up there and Dustin was there as well. They talked and it’s good to see them talking more and working out the problems between them. I don’t like to have friend fighting, etc cause it’s always to hard to plan things… You’re like “well if we invite this person, then we can’t invite so and so cause they hate each other.” GRRR! I hate that.

So yeah, we left there about 10 and I came back here.. It’s good times. I’m off to bed though cause I’m dead tired. Night!

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