Total Fun

So the last 24 hours have been TOTAL fun!

I went downtown last night about 9ish… Adam didn’t get off work until 10, so I was just going to sit around and do nothing… I got there and went in, purchased my drink and sat down.

Soon after that I saw Eric Solan and Omar T. I was like, OMG, I haven’t seen them in like forever. But I really didn’t want to talk to them, cause Eric’s a TOTAL ass. So I went out and walked around for a while… I talked to the guy about the Asteroid show tonight, he said that as long as you know exactly where it’s at.. It should be good, but if you don’t know, then you won’t be able to see it at all. About 15 tell 10 I went back to Java Joes to see if anyone else had shown up. I didn’t see any homo’s. But I ran into Luke Rolfes just inside the door. I stopped and talked to him and as I was talking I saw Luke Rederus, whom I hadn’t seen since GRADUATION! STanding at the counter. I was like, OMG, it’s LUKE! So Rederus was getting his drinks I stood there talking to Rolfes. I hate having friend that are Luke R and Luke R… It’s so confusing. But anyways… Rederus turned around to walk back towards Rolfes and he looked at me and then started walking… then he looked at me again and I waved and Rederus stopped DEAD in his tracks and his mouth hit the floor… I swear he stood there for like 10 minutes… then he FINALLY came over and was like. “OMG, I didn’t recoognize you, blah blah blah.” I stood there and talked to the two lukes and Omar for a while. Then I went off looking for more people.

Luke was wearing the CUTEST fucking shit ever. And he’s so hot… He’s really changed since HS, well.. So have I, but anyways. HE’S HOT! Unfortunatly he’s going back to Arizona today… Damnit. I would have liked to hang out with him some more.

I finally met up with Adam and he and I went back to Java Joes and talked to the lukes some more.. They asked what we were doing tonight and we said we were going to Statik.. They asked what that was, and we were like “Umm, a dance club” Luke was like, Oh, that’d be fun to go too. I felt the need to warn him though.. He said, “OH, you mean it’s an all guys night.” lol

I don’t think he’s gay.. but it’d be sooo cool if he were. Adam agreed that he was hot… As did Scott and about everyone else that saw him… By about 10:30 everyone was down there and we were having a jolly good time… Then people starting leaving for the club… Scott, Andrew, Adam and I all decided not to go though. So we stood around and talked the night away.. Well, not really the night. We left about 12:30 or so.

Adam and I came back to my house and we hung out with my NEW cat!! He’s sooo adorable…. The cat that is. Well Adam’s adorable too!

We finally went to bed about 2:30 or so. It was a GREAT night!

This morning we got up and dressed and shit. I’m staying home fixing people’s computers… The familys this time. My parents have a virus and Andy’s Graphics card isn’t working right. Adam left here about 12:15 or so.. And shortly after that he called me… Saying he had a flat tire, I was like. “Alright, just needs some air” So I went up to Kum & Go and started putting air in it… But nothing happened… So I told Adam to run his hands around it to see if there was anywhere that the air was leaking out… He reached around to the back of his tire and put his whole finger in a HUGE hole on the back…. So we changed his tire in the Kum and Go parking lot… The third time I’ve changed a tire there.. None of them being MINE!

When we got the tire off we found another hole that was starting on the back of his tire and there was a spot where you should see the metal on the top part of the tire… It was REALLY scarry… He should get new tires like ASAP. Perhaps Rob will shell out some money to get them fixxed since he’s yet to pay for his rotars like he said he would…

Ok, the cat is starting to bother me cause he keeps romping into things he shouldn’t be in, so I’m going to go play with him now…

Love all!

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