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So today was pretty good overall.

I went to work out about 8ish, which is about 30 minutes after I normally do. I still got my full 2 hours in though, so that’s good.

Once that was over, it was off to work. Apple hasn’t announced the new Xserve yet which is very depressing and it doesn’t look like they will before the months end. So we configured an Xserve G4, and it’s in the works now. Hopefully we’ll find out if we have enough money by Monday and I can order it then.

Staff meeting, boring and yet very amusing all at the same time. We’re hosting a conf for the DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) which is in Oct. Everyone made lots of fun of the Department because they are so unorganized. And everyone was like, “Good to know they’re protecting us from the terrorists”. Very amusing.

Tailgating party after that at work. Lots of REALLY good food and stuff. I’m sure I ate like 8 BILLION calories… Not good.

From there I went back to my office and suddenly wasn’t in the mood to work, so I talked to Andrew for a bit and read some of his old entries. (I started this week with his first one and I’m reading all the way through).

There’s so much that I wish I could go back and change. I wish that I could have had more fun times with him when he was here, and gone on more of those road trips that he always invited me on. But Adam didn’t want to go on. And also there was my insecurity, because I didn’t know if he liked me. It’s must like why I won’t go out with the people that always IM me now and want to hang out. Because I’m very scared of it.

Anyways, had a good talk, and I read a lot. Very interesting stuff out there.

Once he left I went back to work and got a ton of stuff done. Though I was VERY VERY frustrated by Eudora. No on should EVER FUCKING use that damn program, EVER! It’s a pain in the fucking ASS! It passes usernames wrong to the server. And it won’t stop!

So I took about an hour break from that and went up front and sat and read the road atlas for NJ, and finally found out exactly where we went when we drove to Sea Side. I was surprised how far we had actually gone, and how much of the state I actually saw! Once I was done with that, I still wasn’t ready to go back and tacle the beast that is Eudora, so I checked out Cali. And thought some about where I wanted to move too.

That got me thinking a lot about things and I went back to my office and looked up apartments in Orange County and the other areas. There’s some really good looking ones out there, that I think I can afford. So that’s good.

Spent tell about 5 doing that and then worked more on Eudora. Still didn’t get it and for some reason was very sad, so I closed my door and watched the movies from our trip again. I sat there and cried.

After work I knew that I didn’t have anything to do, so I went to family video and rented 13 Days. Which is supposed to be a VERY good movie. I can’t wait to see it.

I left there about 7ish and headed to the mall cause I just had a feeling that there was a movie I wanted to see playing. So I get there and, yep. The Matrix Reloaded was playing. So I watched it and just got back.

Andrew called me three times while I was in the movie, which I thought was very nice. lol. I wasn’t even expecting him to call. I figured his trip to SD would take him a while and he wouldn’t get back tell late, and once he got back, he’d be going straight out. But he called, and once the movie was over, I called him back.

We had a good talk about things, and I found out some things that were worrying me about his entries… Ok, just one thing. And I was VERY surprised by it.

Also talked about some other things. Very good.

He just went and now I’m here, but good times.

Gap Boy IMed me and invited me to a party. But obviously I didn’t go. I’m just very apprehensive (sp?) about it all. Though we are going to go out to supper this week. Hopefully it’ll be good times.

Well I’m off. I have one quick thing to private about. And then I’m out.


My Life

Boring Days

So today has been uber freaking boring, and since there isn’t a boring mood on here, I guess I’ll have to use rushed, because I’m also being very rushed.

Got up this morning about 7, which is back to my normal time. Hopefully I can keep that up for the rest of the week. Showered, dressed partially, did my abslide. I can’t do as many as Andrew did, but I still did 100, which I think is pretty good. Perhaps I’ll do some more once I get off work. I felt good working out again though. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up now though, and maybe even work back into doing my arms. I’ve slacked off on that since Christmas, before then I was doing it every other day with 25 pounds.

After that I finished dressing and then sat around my house contemplating doing the HW for my MIS class. He said Friday that he would put the HW up that day, and one of them he would mark as being due Monday. So Sunday I left Andrew’s early so that I could come back and do the HW. I get here and check the website at 8 or so, and there’s nothing there. Well when I got up this morning, there was stuff there.

Ultimately I decided that it wasn’t worth doing and I just sat around tell it was time to go to class. Off I went to that and sat outside the room doing my group project. I really coulnd’t think of the entities and attributes that I would need for it, so I just kinda threw some things together and didn’t do much else. After that I read some more AdBusters. Which btw is really really GREAT!

Class was class and he changed the due date on that HW to tomorrow. So I still have that to do. Though it shouldn’t be that hard. Perhaps I’ll do it tomorrow before class. He also announced that our first test would be on Thursday. And that the first part of the project is due on Wed. So I’ve got a TON to do in that class. Tonight will consist of reading the book and looking over the notes.

After class I had to wait around for the bus. I was very annoyed. I could have made it into work if I rode my bike much earlier, but I didn’t because it was supposed to rain today and I didn’t want to get wet. So I missed some work today because of that. Though I’ll still be getting 7 hours in today. If I don’t get uber annoyed here and leave early!

I get to work and Chris G is back from SCC last week. So I knew it was going to be a long and tedious day. There were 20 speakers at SCC, all giving 45 minute talks on the future of Super Computing, and the National Labs. They’re all a bunch of PhD’s and the like, uber smart, but the MOST BORING people to listen to. So I’ve been sitting here watching presentations all day long, making sure the encoding that we did there was good, and that the audio was good, etc. I’ve gotten through about 8 or so and I’m about ready to shoot myself. They want them all gone through today, there’s still 4 left, and I only have one more hour to go. I dunno how that’s going to get done. And then they want them encoded into RM and on the web by tomorrow afternoon. We still have to take all the Powerpoints and convert them to PDF’s as well, and design the webpages.

In other words, there’s aboslutely no WAY this is going to get done by tomorrow afternoon. So I’m feeling the pressure from that, and that’s where the being rushed comes in.

And that’s been my day. Hopefully it’ll get better once I get home from work. I still have a lot to do before Andrew gets here tomorrow night and very little time to do it all in. Though I know I’ll be able to pull it off!

I can’t wait to see him again though. Next week when he’s gone is going to be very hard. I think that I’ll go to camp that week just to hang out for a couple nights. I know I’ll go at least Sunday/Wed/Friday nights for the major campfires. But I might also go a few other nights for the other activities. We’ll have to see though if I feel like driving all the way there or not.

While I was hanging up shirts last night I found out that I’ve now run out of hangers. When I first moved into my apartment, I bought like 3 big things of hangers and never thought that I would use them all. Now I have 10 more shirts that need to be hung up and no hangers to hang them on! How amazing really.

Eudora ia being a bitch. I love how companies follow standards. Learn how to read Qualcomm! The specs clearly specify how to impement SSL. Why couldn’t you get it right? And they’re coming out with a new version… 6.0 beta and it’s still not fixed. That means they’ve put out 4 defective products. Bastards!

Plans to go to EWR and LAX are coming together. Looks like I will be able to go, and I’m very excited!

Just a few other random things to clean up…
1) UnBrand America
2) Corporate America Flag Jam
3) The G5
4) Panther

My Life


So today has some amusing links…

Baked Apple:
A) Slashdot Story (Including Amusing Comments)
B) Pictures

A) New Scientist story about why we hiccup.

A) Slashdot story about the 300 Simpsons episodes, and amusing comments, quotes, etc.
B) The Simpsons Archive
C) The 25 Best and 1 worst episode.

And I HATE asshole bus drivers.

My Life

Summer Classes?

I know it’s been a long time since I last did a real update, but reall, there hasn’t been anything for me to update about.

I’ve been working 10 hours a day all week, tomorrow I’m only working 7, so that I can go to Ankeny and see Adam. I really need this money, YAY!

I figured it up that if I save everything that I make, and don’t have budgeted to spend over the next year, I’ll have about $4,000 by this time next year. That’d be very nice since I’ll be graduating and will need the money. However, since I know me, I’ll be lucky if I keep like $1,500 of that around tell then. I hate having money just sit there. lol

Besides work, there’s not much time to do anything else. I’ve been trying to get a PVR, such as MythTV set up lately, but again, I haven’t had hardly any time to do that.

I have however had time (I was up tell midnight last night) to look at my options for the summer. Although, I REALLY REALLY want to go back and work on BSA camp staff again, I know it’s not really a good idea.

I really want an internship somewhere, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. 🙁

So it looks like I’ll be at Krell this summer, which is good cause I do have alot of projects that I can work on there and expand my knowledge of stuff.

I’ve also been looking at Summer classes. I’m not sure if I want to take summer classes yet or not. If I do, that’ll take out 6 credit hours of classes to take my senior year, and leave me with 12 credits both semesters.

The options for classes are slim though for the summer. I can take ((Trlog360 || PoliSci251) && (Mis433 || Mgmt370))

For those that don’t know programming:
‘||’ == OR
‘&&’ == AND

And those work out to be:
TrLog 360 == Business Logistics
PoliSci251 == Introduction to International Politics
Mis433 == Database Management Systems
Mgmt370 == Management of Organizations

(NOTE: Make sure you’re looking at the right classes, it only takes you down to the top of the X00 level class)

I also want to add two more classes, or perhaps just one to my schedule.
PoliSci312 == Minicourse in American Government and Politics
PoliSci313 == Minicourse in Theory and Methods

But I think I’ll just add one, Poli Sci 312. Cause the Theory and Methods class doesn’t look like something that I’d be interested in. The good thing about them though is that they’re only for half the semester. But I should really add at least one of them to make sure I’ve got enough 300+ level classes to graduate.

Besides classes, I could go on and on about how things just aren’t working out at work the way that I’d like them to. But I won’t.

If you haven’t already go to Apple and check out the NEW PowerBooks, they’ve got a 12 and a 17 one out now. So GREAT! Also, if you’ve got a nice connection speed look at the new commercials cause they are hilarious.

Ok, I think that I’m done babbling now.


PS. Remember my B-day is coming up, so go buy me something on!

My Life

MI$ + M$

So today I remembered one of the reasons why I didn’t want to go into MI$. It’s because every MI$ person seems to be in bed with M$. Why is this? It’s not like they make our job any easier…. Or so they? No, I think they don’t.

Today in MI$ 331, the prof was talking about how GREAT M$ is and blah blah blah, how the new C# will rule the world in programming, she failed to mention that C# is pretty much Java, just changed enough so that they wouldn’t get thier asses kicked and a nice pretty interface for stupid MI$ people like her to figure it out.

Then she somehow got on this random tangent about her buying a new computer, and babbling something about her house not beig wired right for a UPS, so then she said “Why don’t I just go buy an Imac, plug it into the wall…. Oh, because I like knowing where my stuff goes…” She just totally ripped on Apple, and everyone laughed, it’s like HELLO! I have more problems figureing the hell out where M$ puts my shit then I do when using Apple. And then she went onto bitch about Linux/Unix and how there’s no GUI, etc.

I wanted to stand up and scream at her and say “HELLO! Have you used Linux/Unix recently” What a stupid bitch. I will not be one of those MI$ majors that’s totally in bed with M$, I refuse to! Damnit!

Speaking of all that though, Julian’s yet to send me that article he wrote about M$ and linux, so when you get a chance could you send that over to me:


Anyway, not much else going on, the hot boi saga continues, and continues to grow… I can’t wait tell this weekend. I’m spending it at Adams cause his parents aren’t there…. Lets hope he just doesn’t spend all the food money before Saturday again. lol

Ok, off to scout out more hot bois, and well just look at them tell they give me funny looks! roflol

Laters all!