So today was pretty good overall.

I went to work out about 8ish, which is about 30 minutes after I normally do. I still got my full 2 hours in though, so that’s good.

Once that was over, it was off to work. Apple hasn’t announced the new Xserve yet which is very depressing and it doesn’t look like they will before the months end. So we configured an Xserve G4, and it’s in the works now. Hopefully we’ll find out if we have enough money by Monday and I can order it then.

Staff meeting, boring and yet very amusing all at the same time. We’re hosting a conf for the DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) which is in Oct. Everyone made lots of fun of the Department because they are so unorganized. And everyone was like, “Good to know they’re protecting us from the terrorists”. Very amusing.

Tailgating party after that at work. Lots of REALLY good food and stuff. I’m sure I ate like 8 BILLION calories… Not good.

From there I went back to my office and suddenly wasn’t in the mood to work, so I talked to Andrew for a bit and read some of his old entries. (I started this week with his first one and I’m reading all the way through).

There’s so much that I wish I could go back and change. I wish that I could have had more fun times with him when he was here, and gone on more of those road trips that he always invited me on. But Adam didn’t want to go on. And also there was my insecurity, because I didn’t know if he liked me. It’s must like why I won’t go out with the people that always IM me now and want to hang out. Because I’m very scared of it.

Anyways, had a good talk, and I read a lot. Very interesting stuff out there.

Once he left I went back to work and got a ton of stuff done. Though I was VERY VERY frustrated by Eudora. No on should EVER FUCKING use that damn program, EVER! It’s a pain in the fucking ASS! It passes usernames wrong to the server. And it won’t stop!

So I took about an hour break from that and went up front and sat and read the road atlas for NJ, and finally found out exactly where we went when we drove to Sea Side. I was surprised how far we had actually gone, and how much of the state I actually saw! Once I was done with that, I still wasn’t ready to go back and tacle the beast that is Eudora, so I checked out Cali. And thought some about where I wanted to move too.

That got me thinking a lot about things and I went back to my office and looked up apartments in Orange County and the other areas. There’s some really good looking ones out there, that I think I can afford. So that’s good.

Spent tell about 5 doing that and then worked more on Eudora. Still didn’t get it and for some reason was very sad, so I closed my door and watched the movies from our trip again. I sat there and cried.

After work I knew that I didn’t have anything to do, so I went to family video and rented 13 Days. Which is supposed to be a VERY good movie. I can’t wait to see it.

I left there about 7ish and headed to the mall cause I just had a feeling that there was a movie I wanted to see playing. So I get there and, yep. The Matrix Reloaded was playing. So I watched it and just got back.

Andrew called me three times while I was in the movie, which I thought was very nice. lol. I wasn’t even expecting him to call. I figured his trip to SD would take him a while and he wouldn’t get back tell late, and once he got back, he’d be going straight out. But he called, and once the movie was over, I called him back.

We had a good talk about things, and I found out some things that were worrying me about his entries… Ok, just one thing. And I was VERY surprised by it.

Also talked about some other things. Very good.

He just went and now I’m here, but good times.

Gap Boy IMed me and invited me to a party. But obviously I didn’t go. I’m just very apprehensive (sp?) about it all. Though we are going to go out to supper this week. Hopefully it’ll be good times.

Well I’m off. I have one quick thing to private about. And then I’m out.


One thought on “Planning”

  1. what was it that you were realy surprised about? i think i know, but i want to make sure.
    ill call you tomorrow when i get up
    i miss you

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