My Life

2 Years… Yep.

Well, not much happened today. It’s been a really boring day. I guess I went to class, had a good time. Worked out (And now my ass is sore) and yep… That’s all.

The assingment that was due today in MGMT414, very strange. No one really knew what they were talking about or what the assingment was supposed to be about. So it was all very odd. Though my paper was one of the longer ones, all of the ones that I saw were only about 1 page, and I had 2! Go me!

Ran into Julian today on campus, and that was good to talk to him again, even though it was just for a bit.

So today I went to the most moving speech about Sept 11th that I’ve ever been too..

And it was so weird because it was a managment class, and a managment teacher and she completely made it relate to management. It was all very moving though and I wish that I had it on tape. At times she had me near tears, and by the end of it. I just wanted to call up Andrew and tell him how much I love him yet, and how much I miss him.

If anyone ever has a chance to take a class with Virgina Blackburn… I highly suggest it.

Speaking of Andrew, we talked for a good long time last night and it was really nice to talk to him. Though there was a bit of fighting in there. Hopefully everything is taken care of now.

Beak broke her computer again, So I’m going there on Sunday to hang out. Perhaps we can go to the Drag Show.

Yep, and that was my day… Night all.

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