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Summer Classes?

I know it’s been a long time since I last did a real update, but reall, there hasn’t been anything for me to update about.

I’ve been working 10 hours a day all week, tomorrow I’m only working 7, so that I can go to Ankeny and see Adam. I really need this money, YAY!

I figured it up that if I save everything that I make, and don’t have budgeted to spend over the next year, I’ll have about $4,000 by this time next year. That’d be very nice since I’ll be graduating and will need the money. However, since I know me, I’ll be lucky if I keep like $1,500 of that around tell then. I hate having money just sit there. lol

Besides work, there’s not much time to do anything else. I’ve been trying to get a PVR, such as MythTV set up lately, but again, I haven’t had hardly any time to do that.

I have however had time (I was up tell midnight last night) to look at my options for the summer. Although, I REALLY REALLY want to go back and work on BSA camp staff again, I know it’s not really a good idea.

I really want an internship somewhere, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. 🙁

So it looks like I’ll be at Krell this summer, which is good cause I do have alot of projects that I can work on there and expand my knowledge of stuff.

I’ve also been looking at Summer classes. I’m not sure if I want to take summer classes yet or not. If I do, that’ll take out 6 credit hours of classes to take my senior year, and leave me with 12 credits both semesters.

The options for classes are slim though for the summer. I can take ((Trlog360 || PoliSci251) && (Mis433 || Mgmt370))

For those that don’t know programming:
‘||’ == OR
‘&&’ == AND

And those work out to be:
TrLog 360 == Business Logistics
PoliSci251 == Introduction to International Politics
Mis433 == Database Management Systems
Mgmt370 == Management of Organizations

(NOTE: Make sure you’re looking at the right classes, it only takes you down to the top of the X00 level class)

I also want to add two more classes, or perhaps just one to my schedule.
PoliSci312 == Minicourse in American Government and Politics
PoliSci313 == Minicourse in Theory and Methods

But I think I’ll just add one, Poli Sci 312. Cause the Theory and Methods class doesn’t look like something that I’d be interested in. The good thing about them though is that they’re only for half the semester. But I should really add at least one of them to make sure I’ve got enough 300+ level classes to graduate.

Besides classes, I could go on and on about how things just aren’t working out at work the way that I’d like them to. But I won’t.

If you haven’t already go to Apple and check out the NEW PowerBooks, they’ve got a 12 and a 17 one out now. So GREAT! Also, if you’ve got a nice connection speed look at the new commercials cause they are hilarious.

Ok, I think that I’m done babbling now.


PS. Remember my B-day is coming up, so go buy me something on!

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