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Happy B-day!

Happy B-day Andrew!!!

Yay, So again, it’s been a while. Friday I left work early cause nothing was working right for me. So I came home, played Sim City 3000 for a while, and then went and met up with Adam. Adam and I did some stuff, and then went and met up with Andrew and Marcos(sp?) we all went shopping and had a good time, even though I was a bit grumpy. After that we went to supper. Yummy in my tummy.

From there we departed ways and Adam and I went to my house and watched Signs. That was one SCARY mother fucking movie. OMG. But it was good, and the guy was hot!

Saturday I helped Adam move the rest of the stuff out of his old house, and then we took a nap tell the time he had to go to work. After he left for work I went home and watched TV and blarged on Ice Cream tell he got off, when we headed up to Ames to make Andrews B-day present. We were up tell all hours of the morning making that thing.

Today we got up and hung out for a while, went back to my house, made breakfast. Went over to Ankeny, finished Andrew’s b-day present, got food for Adam’s Parents and then met up with Andrew to get his Tattoo.

He got his tattoo, and it’s so cute. Good times. After that we went to MHM and shopped some more, then off to the Mr. Gay Iowa thing at the Garden.

The sluts were there, with stupid Slut Club t-shirts. It was amusing.

Over all VERY VERY good time there, Nathan Ritz was there, Yummy. He’s the hottest man alive.

Drag Queens all around, other good shit. I’m tempted to go to the Miss Iowa thing, I wonder if the drag queens at that are as good as the ones tonight.

We were sitting RIGHT infront of the Bass speakers, so I now have a very bad headache.

I may go to Lenox next weekend. We’ll see.

Classes start tomorrow, and I’m excited about that, kinda. We’ll see. I think that I should enjoy most of my clases this semster.


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