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First Day

So the first day back to classes is over. It went good.

I only had two classes today, MIS 432, and Marketing 340.

Mis 432 is another group based class. We picked groups today, which is annoying because you have no idea how your group is going to work together. But I like my group so far, unlike last semester they all have fairly good jobs, and seem to be smart, organized people. One of the guys in my group is really hot, he’s been in every MIS class that I’ve had so far, and I’ve just been able to stare at him from a-far. Now I can stare up-close. Yay. lol There’s two other’s that are kinda cute, and one that’s not cute at all.

My other class is a HUGE lecture class. The people sitting around me all say they’ve heard really good things about the prof. So that’s reasuring. We’ll see how that goes.

However, one bad thing is that…. After only ONE day of classes, I already have THREE, count them THREE tests on Feb 3rd. That’s only 2 and half weeks away! Rarr! I’m hoping that no one else has anything scheduled that day. It’s a monday too, which makes things even worse.

On another good note, we hired another guy to work here at krell, he’s kinda cute. I guess I get to “train” him on Wed. I don’t know what kind of stuff there is to do though. Hmm, I’ll have to put some thought into this one.

Anyways, laters!

I’m busy making SimCity 4 CD’s and cleaning up about 100 pictures. Yay for me!

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