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So today I remembered one of the reasons why I didn’t want to go into MI$. It’s because every MI$ person seems to be in bed with M$. Why is this? It’s not like they make our job any easier…. Or so they? No, I think they don’t.

Today in MI$ 331, the prof was talking about how GREAT M$ is and blah blah blah, how the new C# will rule the world in programming, she failed to mention that C# is pretty much Java, just changed enough so that they wouldn’t get thier asses kicked and a nice pretty interface for stupid MI$ people like her to figure it out.

Then she somehow got on this random tangent about her buying a new computer, and babbling something about her house not beig wired right for a UPS, so then she said “Why don’t I just go buy an Imac, plug it into the wall…. Oh, because I like knowing where my stuff goes…” She just totally ripped on Apple, and everyone laughed, it’s like HELLO! I have more problems figureing the hell out where M$ puts my shit then I do when using Apple. And then she went onto bitch about Linux/Unix and how there’s no GUI, etc.

I wanted to stand up and scream at her and say “HELLO! Have you used Linux/Unix recently” What a stupid bitch. I will not be one of those MI$ majors that’s totally in bed with M$, I refuse to! Damnit!

Speaking of all that though, Julian’s yet to send me that article he wrote about M$ and linux, so when you get a chance could you send that over to me:


Anyway, not much else going on, the hot boi saga continues, and continues to grow… I can’t wait tell this weekend. I’m spending it at Adams cause his parents aren’t there…. Lets hope he just doesn’t spend all the food money before Saturday again. lol

Ok, off to scout out more hot bois, and well just look at them tell they give me funny looks! roflol

Laters all!

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Okay, so I send it and it bounced. i didn’t do anything afterward. When I can FINALLY afford a new PC fan I will, but I have almost no check coming next pay period, so I have to save today’s check for twice as long.

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