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Friday, Friday!

So today, it’s Friday, finally. This week seems to have just DRUG on and on. I mean. MY GOD! It was slow.

But tonight, it’s the begining of a long weekend, hopefully a very good long weekend.

So again, not much has really been happening. That’s the boring life of me…. I did run into Julian the other day in the Library and that was good to see him again and talk about things. He had to run off to class though, so it was just a short visit.

This year’s going to be full of reading for me and I hate reading text books, they’re all so boring and you can’t really follow them well. Especially my English book, it’s just very confusing in the way that it was written… But you can’t complain, cause my prof is one of the people that wrote the damn book…. I wish that Uni’s would make a rule, that profs can’t use thier own books in thier classes. Damnit.

Anyhow, I should be going to scope out more hot bois whilst they last, cause you know after this week they all go back into hiding, where ever that may be (Wishfull thinking of that (thier hiding spot) being thier beds with thier equally hot bf’s, lol)

PS, in case you’ve sent me anything about…. Sorry if it got bounced, I didn’t know mail was bouncing until Julian said something, so please try sending me stuff again, if it did get bounced.

Cj B

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I second the textbook motion. They always ask you to discuss it-uummm-yeah it was the best book I ever read. Can I have my A now?

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