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The Party!

So Friday night we went out, I was dead tired, but we went out and it was lots of fun. First we went to MHM to get Adam’s schedule and his paycheck. There were lots of antiques, and such there. WE stopped at this place (a post card selling booth) that claimed “If we don’t have your home town, you get a post card free.” So we stopped and asked for Lenox, where my G&G live. They had some… A 1908 picture of main street, it was really cool. Dirt roads… All the buildings are still the same as they are today, It was amazing, they also had a picture of the old depot, my G&G are the currators (sp?) of it, so I was excited. But they didn’t take credit cards and I didn’t have any cash on me. So we couldn’t get them. Damnit.

ON our way out we ran into Mike and Jenny. Jenny was having breakdown, and yeah. So we hung out there at the mall for like 30 minutes before Jenny randomly got up and left. It was fun, and yet sad… All at the same time! lol

From there we went to Mikes house so that he could change. Duncan was drooling and in pain, it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! I’m glad I haven’t had to have my wisdom teeth out yet!

Off we went to Downtown. It was only 7, so there wasn’t ANYTHING going on, but we managed to entertain ourselves by throwing a large plastic container full of water off the bridge, it was amusing as hell! Everyone finally showed up like 9:30~10? Like everyone was there, and it was good times. I was dead tired though, so I wasn’t to good timesy, But still. it was a laugh and a half!

Adam and I went home about 11ish and that was the end of that! Saturday Adam called me at an ungodly hour in the morning and I met up with him about 10:30, from there we went to the mall and picked up those postcards, I now have my G&G shopped for for christmas! After that we went off to Budget to make back the 27.56 that I had just spent. We worked for like 2.5 hours, so it was alright, made back all but 10 of it, however… I now only have $6 left, oopps!

We had come back to Adam’s house when he realized he didn’t have his phone, so we went back to the southside, and whilst we were there stopped at the porn store….. Adam didn’t have his ID, so he had to wait in the car while I went in and got the porn… I hate doing that, but today it was alright, cause the HOTTEST boi I’ve seen ever was there! Yeah. So from there we went back to Adam’s house and hung out. It was really good times!

OH! on the way to budget the first time, we were playing with Adam’s phone. Saying random things into it and seeing who it would call… Things like Leonard Boswell (his Grandma), Your Mom (James), Johny Carson (Angela), and last but not least… And by far the funniest… The Anti-Christ…. SCOTT! heheh!

So yeah, that’s been our weekend so far. Today Adam has to work from 12:30 to 5:30 or some crazy shit like that, and I have to go back home and fix the PU’s computers…. Damnit! Perhaps I’ll get them to buy a new one, eh!

Oh well, I’m off now to do other random shit! Laters all!

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