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The holidays

It should be normal that we get 3 days off and then 4 days work, I just think that’s more fair… Or perhaps, we should make weeks 10 days, every other day off. But I’m sure that neither of those will ever come about… So I can dream can’t I!.

The rest of the weekend was very eventful… I think? Perhaps it was… I don’t really remember. Let us pause whilest I go back and read the last entry….

Oh yes.. So Adam worked and I fixed the PU’s computer. After that we went out with Scott, his sister, and some other random girl. It was very amusing. We also had the wonderfull opurtunity to hear Scott sing… What a beutiful voice. If only I had 1/8th of his talent. lol I was dead tired, so we didn’t stay out too late, but it was still tons of fun, he has a very amusing family.

Monday, was a total wasting away and doing nothing day, We went to the mall about 2ish, where we ran into Jenny… Who said that Dustin was in the mall, and that Andrew had died his hair. We were walking out of Calypso when we ran into Andrew, who had infact, died his haid… A very nice color if I may add. It made me happy. Although, I would much perfer black hair over… Um, blonde? I think that’s what I would call that color? Anyhows, it was very nice and I liked it…

Later we ran into Dustin, who wwas with his family, they were on thier way out, so we didn’t talk tot hem long. From there we shopped until Scott called. We met up with him and did some more shopping, very amusing malling times. From there Adam and I went back to his house, where I spelt and watched some really amusing show. I left about 7ish and came home, unpacked and then went to bed about 8:30 or so. I was so tired…

Speaking of tired, I’m still tired. I think that parhaps I’m sick or something. I dunno.

I have lots of hw to do tonight. Gwars.

Andrew e-mailed me, informing me that his name was spelled wrong on the poem that he wrote… My editors staff has quickly fixed the problem and appoligizes for any other miss spellings. lol

Alright, time to end this random rantings and go back to work…. Laters all!

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im touched that you changed my name to its correct spelling! smile 🙂 thanks for emailing me back too! wait.. you didnt! bastard! 🙂

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