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Hey, I know you…

Well I had a big’ol post here, and of course the damn library computer decided to die on me….

It seems as though I’ve been seeing everyone I know lately….Today I was walking through the library, and WHO did I see? ALAN! Hot hot Alan… I just walked past him and he didn’t seem to remember me, but he’s HOT. Yesterday I saw vero wondering around the Library, but I was on my way to class, so I didn’t stop to talk. Today I’ve seen Julian like 100 times… We’ve talked some, so that was good. I also saw Luke R, Tommy Lowe, and a bunch of other people that I know. It’s very odd. Perhaps they’re all following me and it’s a plot to kill me, eh!

In other news… I have TONES of homework, I mean TONS! Stress!

And of course, the hot boi mass exodus has begun… Julian and I figure they’ve all got Gf’s now, or they just gave up and left… So yeah, there’s not as many hot bois, but there’s still more then enough. Like today, some REALLY hot boi came and sat next to me in Metoer, long shaggy black hair, with red highlights… Mmm, so nice.. And he was nice too, we talked some… And the normal hot boi in that class.. OMG! He always wears shirts like 10 times too small… So very very nice.

I’m out!

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