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Where do they all go??

So I’m here at 7:30 am this morning, riding my bike to class. And I start wondering to myself… .Where do all these people go during the summer? I mean really, classes are out and all I know, but even during the winter, there’s never this many people out and about, especially at 7:30 am. So yeah… This time of year is really nice for seeing all the people out and about on campus… Perhaps tomorrow I’ll bring my camera to campus and take pictures during the time that I have inbetween classes.

I saw Ryan Fernau (sp) today on campus as well, it was so funny cause he was uing a Cy-Ride map to get around campus, instead of the very nice campus map that they give people (and which he was holding in his other hand, but not using) He was over be Gilman, walking towards MB, asking people where the MU was… I wanted to just break down laughing, cause that’s totaly something he would be doing. What a dumb ass…. I also saw him the other day marchinng with the ISU Marching band… I’d hate to be the person in front of him… lol

So yeah, other then that not much else has happened lately. We had a test in my Stat 201 class this morning, of which I only did about 3 of the 15 problems… I’m going to have to look into some stuff before we get into the core of the class. Now I’m just hanging out tell my 12 noon recite class… I wonder what we’re going to be doing, considering we haven’t yet covered anything in the class?

Good quote from Boston Public last night, after a gay boi saw that his locker had been vandalized by the word “faggot”…”Can’t you just e-mail me?!?”

Sorry, I was amused by it.. Perhaps it’s one of those things that you have to be there for it.

Anyhow, I’m going to go now, people are starting to look at me funny.

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