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First Day

So the first day is over… 8-3, every MWF, Gwar… It’s really long already. However, the HOT bois were out enforce today, and that was REALLY nice.

Quote from math Prof: “This is a test” ::Faces Board:: “CAN EVERYONE HEAR ME ALRIGHT!!!” ::turns back towards class:: “That was a test”

It was hilarious!

Most of my classes are HUGE, however, there’s only 15 people in my Engl 302 class, so that’s cool. And in every other class there’s at least three or four HOT bois. Hopefully they’ll continue to come to class and not be skippers, cause if they skip, that’ll just make all my classes SUCK! lol

In Metor 206, there was a SUPPER SUPPER HOT BOI! OMG, I wanted to die. He was soooo fucking hot!

Do you think he was hot?

Ok, so do you get the Idea that there were plenty of HOT BOIS about on campus today? Cause there REALLY WERE… Now if only my hot boi were here now…

Off to do hw now and stop thinking about HOT BOIS… So I’ll see ya’ll laters!

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I love my hot bois for the first week of school. It saddens me that half of them go away. However, this year there are more hot bois than last year. It’s more like freshman year. Yay!

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