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The Quest

So this weekend has been TONS of fun, Friday night I met up with Adam, Scott, Bruce and two females. We hung out there for a while and then Mike, Andrew, Dustin, and Jenny all showed up… I guess they we having “private” going away party for Dustin. Whatever, eh?

Well anyways, it was just going to be us three, Scott, Adam and I going dancing so Adam and I were like, fuck this shit, and wanted to leave. But Scoot BEGGED so we went anyhows. It was alright.

We left there about 12:00 and on our way home passed James… I guess he was going to Statik as well… To bad, it would have been fun to hang out with him there. lol

So we went back to Ankeny where we picked up some shit for him and then we went to Wal-Mart cause I wanted a pitcher. So we get there and then Adam’s like I want Bakon and Eggs… That had to have been the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen in forever. Two gay guys with $8 wondering around Wal_Mart trying to get Bakon and Eggs at 1:30 in the morning. lol. So we got back to my Apartment and Adam was like, “I don’t want bakon and eggs now” So instead we make Ramen Noodles, which were good anyways. lol

We finally got to bed at like 2:30… We awoke the next morning, made our bakon and eggs and then went to work at Budget.. That was good times. I make $37.50 which I needed because we also stopped and purchased my Calc book… $85 for a DAMN BOOK!

After we were done at Budget we went back to my house and I showered then we went to Adam’s house and he showered, then we went out to supper… Mmmm.

After that we called up James cause I haven’t seen him in like forever and we all went back to my house and went swimming… Well we were going to go swimming, but the pool was all nasty, so we just went hot tubbing for like an hour and a half. I also lost a contact in the hot tub. So I wasn’t going to drive with just one eye..

Adam called his mom to make sure it was alright for him to stay at my house and she got all pissy and didn’t beleive that I had actually lost a contact. Rarr.

So he spent the night and then today I drove him home, it was very scary with just one eye. And then I came back to Ames, where I am now at… Doing absolutely nothing… I figure I’ll go put away laundry here and then go on a bike ride or something. Maybe I’ll go buy a seat lock or something cool like that, lol.

Laters all! Everyone have fun at school tomorrow… I know I will!

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