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Pulling out a K6 processor while the machine is running and replacing itw ith a Pentium tends to cause linux toc rash too. Humph. The damned machine was supposed to be plug and play. 🙂

HAHA!! That’s great….

Well so far today has been amusing.. The last two days, I’ve just been sitting in my office reading books about Linux Security and trying to get SPOP and SIMAP to work… I have them somewhat working, but not from outside. If I do localhost 993 it works, but if I do linux 993 it doesn’t. Damn thing.

Today LH called and said we were using 80% of our connection. We looked into it and found out that was transfering large amounts of data. (Dorm must have got his new server working and was transfering over all… 80 GIGS or so of his shit through our connection…) What a dork. So Nazanin e-mailed him at and then unplugged the machine. roflol

She came in today after that staff meeting and said that we were going to have a meeting about our “policies” whatever that means. Hmmm, I wonder what’s wrong now.. Perhaps just another psycho-power trip? roflol!!

I love her, she’s so funny when she’s not on my nerves. Perhaps I should go about a Vermont upgrade every day! She leaves me alone then. Well mostly alone, only when something big comes up does she bother me!

I can’t wait to go dancing tonight, it’ll be fun. I though about perhaps calling James up and seeing if he wanted to go, but Idunno if I will. I keep forgetting that he’s 18, I always think he’s only 16 for some reason, perhaps it’s because he hangs out with such young people, or maybe it’s just that he looks 16… Anyway I’d like to hang out with him at some point this weekend.

La, I’m off to read more about sniffing and stuff… I found out about this REALLY cook porgram that allows you to hide text documents within REAL jpeg images… It’s so cool!

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