So I guess we’re going to go clubbing this weekend.. It should be fun. I hope that Mike’s going to be there… That’ll be fun.

Not much else is going on though lately. Today I put all of May 2001 into my database… hopefully tomorrow I’ll get July 2001 in. And then maybe for the end of the month I’ll get Aug in.

Adam seems to be distancing himself, yet again. I dunno what’s going on there… He’s on some, not much though. When he is on, he hardly tells me much. I mean, we talk, but when there’s a story.. It’s always, “I’ll tell you later.” I don’t want to know later, I want to know what’s going on now.

Then he says “I’ll be back on later” and never gets back on. Pht, whatever.

I’ve been putting in about an hour of biking every night, I’ll go to campus, ride around campus… Admiring all the hot bois that are on campus now, and then back to my Apartment. I’d guess it’s about 10-15 Miles total. I dunno though. My ass is so sore though from the damn seat.

I hope it doesn’t rain this weekend, or next week. I wanna ride my bike to school as much as possible, it’ll be good. It only takes me about 15 minutes to get to campus, so that’s faster then riding the bus. But once winter hits, I’ll have to take the damn bus…. I dunno how I’m going to work that out, with working and everything. We’ll see I guess.

I brought home my 60 Gig harddrive, but I haven’t really done much with it yet… Hopefully I’ll get it put in this weekend.

Adam’s going to come up and stay this weekend… Hopefully we’ll get some good bonding time in… I just feel like I’ve been excluded from everything lately, I have no Idea what’s going on in anyones life and it really sucks. I’m not liking this living in Ames thing. Not at all.

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