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  • I

    I’m in love… With the new iPod Mini and the new Xserves! Along with all the other SWEET things that Apple came out with today. Including the new 15GB iPod, iLife, etc! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this stuff and check it out! I’ve also applied to a total of […]

  • Busy Day, and COLD!

    So I’ve been meaning to update lately, but it’s just been way to busy for me to actually get around to it. Right now I’ve got a couple minutes, so I thought that I would take some time to tell you what’s going on in my life! Well, lets see, last time we talked I […]

  • Fuck The Garage!!

    So this weekend has consisted of nothing except for cooking/building/phones. Friday I went home and wanted to cook an apple pie. But we didn’t have enough apples. So that had to wait. Then I was going to cook Zeppoles. (sp?) Didn’t have yeast. so had to cancell that. I don’t remmeber what did after that, […]

  • Hmmm.

    Well, let’s see what’s happened in my life since the last update…. Not much really. I had a few things that I really wanted to talk about last night… Well actually about 4 this morning, since I didn’t sleep. But I can’t remember them now of course. There was one thing that I really want […]

  • A Tramatic Weekend

    Ok, well this weekend was very very very emotional for me. All of which was written in a private entry. So you’ll all have to wait at most a year to be able to read about it. So 😛 So yeah, Saturday was spent in my apartment, nearly 5 hours on the phone that day. […]