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A Tramatic Weekend

Ok, well this weekend was very very very emotional for me. All of which was written in a private entry. So you’ll all have to wait at most a year to be able to read about it. So 😛

So yeah, Saturday was spent in my apartment, nearly 5 hours on the phone that day. I didn’t get much done, like I wanted too. I had planned on stay in and getting caught up in all my readings.

Oh well. It was better to be on the phone.

I went home Saturday night, and just sat around and did nothing.

Sunday I got up and got to drive the Cat. That was exciting. We’re building a garage this week, incase no one knew that. Very strange if I do say so myself.

After that went to Beak’s and “fixed” her computer. After that we headed out and spent the day shopping. I got 6 new pairs of boxers. All very cute.

One the shopping was over, they decided not to go to the Drag show and I didn’t want to go alone. So I headed back to Ames, wrote a 6.5 page private entry, and then spent the rest of the night on the phone.

Went to bed about 11:30, after hanging up the full length mirror that I bought at 11. I think the people above me weren’t very happy.

Today I got up, went to class and that hurt like shit. I did 30 minutes on the bike and burned about 200 calories. I wanted to try the eliptical machine, but they were all in use. I then worked my legs and ab’s. I’m up to 96 pounds on the abs and 240 on the legs.

Did my arms, and stuff as well. Which are really starting to hurt. Though I am starting to see a difference in my chest… I was jacking it yesterday and was obviously flexing my muscles, and I could tell a difference. So that’s happy.

I can also REALLy tell on my abs. And my legs too. So that’s good. I just wish that I could drop the fat faster then what I’m doing.

My partner and I talked a lot today as well, which was strange. Normally we don’t talk to much, but we talked about classes and all that.

Ok, well I’m on the phone with Apple and I’m purchasing an Xserve!!! Very exciting for me. So I must break now.

Laters all!

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