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Well, let’s see what’s happened in my life since the last update….

Not much really.

I had a few things that I really wanted to talk about last night… Well actually about 4 this morning, since I didn’t sleep. But I can’t remember them now of course.

There was one thing that I really want to bitch about… And that’s STUPID people who ride the bus. Very annoying. There’s this woman who rides the Blue North every T,R at 7am… She gets on at the SAME stop every day, and EVERY DAY the bus driver has to ask her for her damn ID card.

It’s like, HELLO? How can you forget, EVERY DAY! I could see forgetting to give the driver your ID one day, or the first time you ride, since you may not realize that that’s not a free stop. BUT EVERY DAY?? Comon.

Secondly, she’s very annoying when waiting at the stop. It’s my stop, so I know. She comes in, sits down on the bench inside the Cyride thing, and pratically throws all her shit onto the bench next to her… Thus taking up the WHOLE thing. Then a couple minutes later, even though the bus ISN’T coming (and you can see the bus down the street, clearly in a PARKED posistion) she stands up, picks up all her stuff, stands in front of the cyride shelter. THEN! She comes back, sits down and continues to repeat the process tell the bus comes. Getting up/ Sitting down every couple minutes. It’s very annoying.

THEN! When the bus does finally come, she sits in the thing tell the last minute, and then JUMPS up, and pushes into the front of the line when the bus pulls up. I want to punch her. AND THEN, when it comes to her stop, she NEVER pulls the friggin’ stop bell in time, and always bitches at the bus driver for not stopping. Very annoying.

I also wanted to bitch about the 5PM blue south bus driver… He’s just an idiot. And a very bitchy idiot at that.

Today’s been good, we’ve spent the last of our money, and there was a credit card fiasco… Everyone had maxed out their cards, and was on the phone with apple trying to buy something. Very amusing.

Other then that, not much going on. I can’t decide if I want to go to JJ’s tonight and study, or just stay at home and do nothing.

I’ve been having a craving lately to get drunk. But I have no one to get drunk with. And I’m not going to be a loser and do it by myself. I think it’ll help with some of the things going on in my life.

I also need to talk to someone about things. But I don’t know who.

Laters all.

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