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Fuck The Garage!!

So this weekend has consisted of nothing except for cooking/building/phones.

Friday I went home and wanted to cook an apple pie. But we didn’t have enough apples. So that had to wait. Then I was going to cook Zeppoles. (sp?) Didn’t have yeast. so had to cancell that.

I don’t remmeber what did after that, since Ic oudln’t cook. But I do remember that I didn’t go out of the house. So it must have been nothing too exciting.

Saturday I got up early, and helped with the garage. I was screwing in steel siding above my head. So my back/neck and forearm hurt mucho.

About lunch it started raining, so I broke, went inside and cooked the apple pie and Zeppoles. Talked to drew bear in there for a while. After that sat around the house while it rained.

Went and met my Gma and Mother in Ames, they wanted to meet at my apartment. But I was like, “Mother, lots of pictures of me and Andrew.” so we met at Lowes instead.

Came back home, called Andrew and talked to him for like 2 hours. Then had to go out and help with the garage some more, or something. i don’t remember.

Saturday night I sat around and did nothing again! Surpise there.

This morning I got up about 10, it was VERY cold in my room. Then went out and helped on the garage some MORE, even though I didn’t want oto.

This whole garage thing is getting very annoying. I mean, I keep asking my mom to help me with a cover letter, and she never HELPS me. But she ALWays expects me to spend every waking second that I have frree on the weekends helping with this fucking garage. And what do I get in return NOTHING!

A little money, or reimbusment for those books that I had to get months ago, would be nice. Or for her to even help me with that damn cover letter.

The rest of the weekend has been spent talking to the drewster. He really wants to fly here again, and I realy want him too. But I don’t think that he shouold spend any more money then he already has. And I can’t afford to help him pay for a ticket, or anything else really. I’m very broke this month. I need a second job.

Anyways, I’m bored and don’t want to write anymore. So laters all!

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