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  • Going Out.

    Welcome everyone. It hasn’t been too long since I last updated and as usually not much has really happened. Currently I’m sitting here at StarFucks drinking, yes.. I admit, I broke down and bought a coffee. Because Diedrichs was closed. 🙁 Either way, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee waiting for JonJon to get off […]

  • Apple Store in DM?

    Des Moines is getting an APPLE STORE!!! How fun! Laters all.

  • I Done It!

    Well Graduation passed and here I am, still working away without a job. 🙁 The weekend was good, though I was a bit saddened by a few things and surprised by a few things. First the things I was saddedn/annoyed about (In no real order): 1. Melinda and Rob didn’t come. Adam did, which was […]

  • Hot Boy

    Today was absolutely amazing. We walked so much today and did so much and saw so much. It’s just all so really cool. But first I have to tell you all about last night, which was a blast! lol. Well, actually I should tell you about the day yesterday. We all took this bus which […]

  • It’s MY Shit!

    Ok, this has to be one of the best BOFH’s in a while. For those that don’t normally read it, or don’t keep up with the SCO stuff, I’m pretty sure that’s where the reference is going to…. BOFH: Protecting bodily waste in the public domain By Simon Travaglia Posted: 09/03/2004 at 13:04 GMT The […]