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Today was absolutely amazing. We walked so much today and did so much and saw so much. It’s just all so really cool.

But first I have to tell you all about last night, which was a blast! lol.

Well, actually I should tell you about the day yesterday. We all took this bus which was hellish! It was like a 2 hours bus ride, and the roads here are horrible, so every little bump or crack in the road and you came up out of your seat, and then there wasn’t any AC in the bus, so it was just hell! I couldn’t believe it.

We got to the village and walked around this cathedral and this short crazy guy gave us a tour and it was funny. And he showed us this really neat sun dial from like the ancient times. I really love all the history here, I wish we had it all in the states too!

After that was a carriage ride around town and then to the ruins. Which was really neat. We climbed to the top of them and had a good time. From there we went to this restaurant which was really cool. I also learned a few things…

“30% more push”
“Double Deckers”
Both of those things reference things you can do in the bathroom, if you really want to know ask. lol, It’s pretty gross.

Once we were done in the town we came back to the hotel and then went out shopping. I tried finding andrew FFX-2 for cheap cause they had a lot of PS2 games super cheap, but no one had them. The guy at the video store also checked me out, and he was pretty hot. Though the thing I really don’t like is that you can’t tell how old the people are here. It’s kinda strange.

Anyways, after that we went to this store and got some bacardi and came back to the hotel, got supper and ordered a big pitcher of pineapple juice. TOok that up to the girls room and we mixed that and the rum. It was REALLY good tasting. I had a lot more then the other people, and I really started to get annoyed because everyone was treating me like I was 2. And I was still doing just fine and I wasn’t that drunk. LIke I remember everything that happened and all that. Then we went out to the hallway to get something, and Yanira came out of her room and made me go back to my room. She walked me down there. lol. I sat up watching TV for a while, then talked to my roomies when they got back from the game. After they left again, I went to bed and slept tell 5:45.

Today started out really annoying. LIke everyone was asking me if I had a hangover and was again babying me. It got REALLY fucking annoying. I KNOW my limit for drinking and I wasn’t even THAT drunk. It really got on my nerves. Just like when EVERYONE was pointing out that I was burned and asking me/telling me to put on my sun block! I’m fucking 22 years old. I can handle this shit myself.

Anyways, this morning we went out to Chichen Itza and it was REALLY REALLY pretty and so neat. Again it was just more ruins and stuff. But these were in such great shape. And it was just so neat how like they built over the old stuff to make new, and how most of the “hills/mountians” in this area are actually just ruins that are covered over yet. How neat would it be to just one day go out to your back yard to dig a hole and find a ruin. They were all so pretty.

ONe thing though is that I wish we had more time to explore it on ourselves. We only had like 30 minutes total, which was a bit sad. I could have sat at the top of the pyramid for a couple hours just looking at the views and stuff. I also wish that we could have been able to climb more of them. It’s sad that they had them all blocked off.

I also got to thinking about how they know all of this stuff and the history behind them. What also confuses me is how can things that are so HUGE can be lost in time and get covered up like that. I mean, where’d the people of this region go for so long that these huge pyramids can get lost. It really just amazes me.

It’s like they say in that one movie..”There’s so much to be see then can ever be seen, so much to do more then even be done” and that’s totally how I feel out here, there’s just SO much to do and so much to see. I wish I could live here for like a year or two and just do everything and experience it even more.

After we left the ruins I got REALLY annoyed about things, because like these stupid guys were being so annoying in the market. I wanted to look around and see what they had to sell, but they were being so aggressive and annoying that I just couldn’t deal with it, so I left and went and met by the buses at 2:15 like we were told. Then I get there and we’re told that it’s now 2:30 that we have to be there, so I just sat there for the fifteen minutes. It was really annoying. Then we get to the place where we’re eating and I just get even more annoyed. Whatever though, I’m not going to let it ruin the last couple days of my trip. Lets just say I’ll be glad to get away from all the drama that’s going on around here.

Oh, and then at the hotel where we ate they had this place to shop inside, and they had this HUGE shelf penis candles. And then we go back in farther and they had gay mayan sex things, and also penis flutes and stuff. It was so crazy! If it weren’t so expensive I would have bought them.

After that we came back to the hotel here and I went to the internet cafe. It was SO great because I got to talk to drew bear. It was only for like 10 minutes, but it was still really exciting to get to talk to him again. I gave him a REALLY quick run down of what I had been up to today. And we just talked about a few things. I can’t wait to get back to Houston so that I can call him and talk to him. I’m also really excited because apparently he’s been calling me every day and leaving me messages. Which is insanely cute and I really want to go hear them all.

Talking to him again really made me miss him so much more, and I can’t wait to see him in a couple weeks. I’m really excited for my trip to Cali in April. Not only for getting to see him but also for all my job interviews. I really hope that I get an offer by the time that I leave that week. I’m super excited for the interview at that place just 10 minutes from Andrew. It’s the one where I applied for the Cobol and they e-mailed me back saying they’ve been thinking of adding a new position for a Sys Admin and my resume looked really good. Out of the interviews that I have, I’m most excited about that. Also the beginning part of next week, I’m going to be really busy calling places back and applying to jobs to make up for all of them I missed this week.

Well, I guess I”m really done talking so…

Laters all

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