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Hey everone. Here I am in Mexico. We’re all having a GREAT time. Though I can’t wait to get back to Iowa and to be able to talk to my Drew Bear.

You all are going to have so much to read once you get back. I’ve been doing updates daily!

This place is so pretty and so exciting. Tonight we’re going to go out to a show in the square.

I’m pretty burnt and have peeled a couple times already, but it’s starting to fade into a nice dark tan. 🙂

Well I have to go everyone. I hope all you Iowans are enjoying the SNOW! I laugh in your faces, because it’s been 95+ all week, and so clear and beautiful!

Laters all

3 replies on “Mexico!”

In response to your snow comment…

I’d like you to know it’s currently 67 degrees…and BEAUTIFUL. Nearly all of the 10 inches of snow is GONE.

So stick that in your straw and suck it! 🙂

Glad your livin’ it up down there. Drink lots of tequila for me!

I actually did very little drinking. I only got semi-drunk one night, as per my post about it.

And now being back in Iowa, I remember how COLD it is here. And that crazy ass Iowa weather, 16 inches one day, gone the next!

You would have loved it there, with all the crazy ass trees and shit!


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