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I’m really not in a writing mood right now, but we’re being forced to. Grrr.

There’s some hotties from Arizona state here. Rarrr.

Umm, last night was tons of fun. We went to this concert thing, and then talked to these two really hot boys. Well the girls talked to them, I just stood there. Then we all went to this bar thing and had a really good time. I didn’t drink, but they put on sombreros. It was all crazy. We got lots of crazy ass pics.

Today has been really long, but not much to do. We first went to the this plant place. The house was so pretty and I really want to buy it and fix it up. It’d be such a cool place to live. Though I couldn’t believe how old some of the stuff there was. It was really cool.

After that we came back to the city and went to this museum, it was really cool and Andrew would have liked it.

Came back, went swimming. Which I’m really going to miss just sitting around the pool in the evenings listening to the sounds of the cities. I’m really getting into the whole routine of things and taking a nap after lunch and everything. I’ll have to change things to this way once I get back!

Umm, tonight we’re going to a cafe thing, it should be good. I also bought Andrew a magazine I think he’ll enjoy it.

I’m excited to go home, and yet not really excited to go home at the same time. I’d want to stay much longer if I had some sort of contact with Drew Bear.

Well, like I said, non-writy mood.

Laters all.

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