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Last Night

Wow, so last night was TONS of fun. We went to Mambo Cafe with like 20 people and 4 hot boys who we met the night before. I was all alone again. 🙁 But I still had a really great time and really enjoyed the music/dancing there. Also the boys. 😀

I left about 1:30ish I think with a few other people. Came home and went right to bed.

Today has been tons of fun. A whole day at the beach. Went swimming, got sun burned. Had fun. It was super windy though, so that was a bit annoying, and I didn’t have my sun glasses so I couldn’t see anything.

While waiting for lunch though I saw this boy walk by who was really cute and also had on this SUPER cute necklace. I wanted to know where he had got it from, so I watched him and saw him go sit on a bench by himself. After a couple minutes of debating if I wanted to go talk to him or not, I decided to go for it, cause I’d never see him again in my life anyways.

So I went over there. “Excuse me, do you speak English”….”Yeah, what do you want.”…”I was just wondering where you got your necklace, I saw you walk by a couple minutes ago.”…” I got it here, in downtown.”….”OH, what part of downtown how far away.”….::being a bitch::…”Downtown Merida”

Then I got up and left, he was being a total jackass. Jerk. But I think he was french, cause he had an accent. I just found out that there’s about 30 frenchies staying here now too. Knowing my luck he’s one of them.

After that we all came back here, and had a bit of a mishap with the key, then I went to the mall with some girls. That was fun, and they have so many CUTE ass stores here which I wish were in the states. And I wanted to buy so much, but I didn’t.

Got back, ate a bit at supper. And now I’m here waiting tell 9 to go to the bars.

On the way back from the mall Sulee (sp?) and I had a bit of a talk about Omar’s sexuality, we both question it, and I guess she’s seen him around campus with some very gayish looking guys. So who knows!

We have to be up about 3:30 tomorrow to get ready to leave. It’s going to be hellish!

I’ve already stated how I’m excited yet not, so I won’t bore you with that again.

Laters all.

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