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Back In Iowa

Well here I am back in Iowa. And boy am I glad to be home and talking to my Drew Bear again.

Today has been really long. We got up about 3:45am and were out of the hotel by 4:30. In the airport by 5:00 and on the plane at 7:30. Before we were even wheels up, I was sound alseep, and slept tell the initial decent into Houston, at which point I just fucking wanted to be on the ground to talk to Drew bear. I couldn’t wait any longer!!!

I got on the ground in Houston, called him and left a message. Then started listening to all his messages. I also have a call back for a job to do on Monday.

We talked for about 2 hours in the airport, and then talked for another 2 hours tonight. We just got off the phone. I’m supposed to be unpacking right now, but I wanted to update here.

I find it funny that they had 16 inches of snow here.

Here’s a temp difference
Merida/Polk City
Sun: 93/52
Mon: 97/37
Tues: 93/37
Wed: 91/45
Thus: 97/48
Fri: 97/66
Sat: 93/57

Oh, how I loved the warm weather!!

Laters all.


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