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2 Days Back

Well here we are, second day back in the states. Things are going pretty good so far. I was fairly busy yesterday at work and also throughout the rest of the night.

I did my mid-term, but have yet to actually work on my MGMT 478 project, which I need to do at some point. Opps.

Not much to really report about, though I am waiting for a call back from a guy who wants to talk to me about a posistion, so that’s good. I’m excited about that. Hopefully I hear back from him today, because he never called me back yesterday after I had called and left him a message.

Tonight I’m hanging out with some guy, that should be a bit scary. But who knows. lol.

Anyways, I found this today…Tandy Deskmate. That’s the OS of the FIRST computer I used! How cool is that?

Laters all.

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