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(17:55:09) Andrew: hi honey
(17:55:09) Me : Homework!
(17:59:07) Me: Hi honey, what’s up?
(17:59:17) Andrew: brb potty
(17:59:20) Me: k
(18:01:52) Andrew: k
(18:02:14) Me: so what’s up, how was class?
(18:02:21) Andrew: stupid, we had a quiz
(18:02:28) Me: What about?
(18:03:01) Andrew: profits and losses and stuff
(18:03:02) Andrew: price seekers/takers
(18:03:07) Me: Ahhh, Good stuff.
(18:03:07) Me: lol
(18:03:22) Andrew: yeah not really..
(18:03:50) Me: So what else is up?
(18:04:32) Andrew: nothing
(18:04:35) Andrew: just got back
(18:04:47) Me: Alright. So why are you still mad?
(18:05:19) Andrew: imnot!
(18:05:27) Me: then why are you being so short?
(18:05:36) Andrew: im not!
(18:05:54) Andrew: you know that all did was go to class so i dont know what kind of answer you except when you say whats up
(18:06:15) Me: Fine then. How about you finish telling me what we were talking about earlier?
(18:06:38) Andrew: there wasnt much else, i was just debating whether id make more in iowa
(18:06:40) Andrew: but im gonna stay here
(18:06:43) Andrew: so it doens tmatter
(18:07:18) Me: alright
(18:07:26) Andrew: what have you been doing
(18:07:55) Me: work, class, group work, sitting around.
(18:08:05) Andrew: how was the group?
(18:08:26) Me: Horrible, they are all so stupid, and no one has anything done yet, and the stupid bitch girl didn’t show up YET AGAIN.
(18:08:36) Andrew: that sucks
(18:08:38) Andrew: whens it due?
(18:08:41) Me: April 22nd
(18:09:23) Andrew: well you still have a month
(18:09:28) Andrew: when do you start working at old navy?
(18:09:42) Me: I don’t know, she hasn’t called me back yet.
(18:09:56) Andrew: oh
(18:10:00) Andrew: get a call back from that other guy?
(18:10:26) Me: Nope.
(18:10:33) Me: He must not want to talk to me that badly.
(18:14:16) Me: Justin finally txted me back today. He wants to stay here tonight. I guess things are really bad with his boy.
(18:15:22) Andrew: why what happend?
(18:15:35) Me: I dunno, he didn’t go into details. Where’d you go though?
(18:15:52) Andrew: jess came to the door
(18:15:54) Andrew: are you gonna let him stay?
(18:16:02) Me: Yeah, I figured I would.
(18:16:10) Andrew: so whens he coming over?
(18:16:16) Me: I dunno. He said he’d call.
(18:16:24) Me: I’m going to make him sleep on the couch.
(18:16:43) Andrew: ok
(18:16:46) Andrew: you can have his ass if you want
(18:16:55) Me: lol. I don’t think you mean that. 😛
(18:17:24) Andrew: sure i do
(18:17:26) Andrew: as long as i can have byrons
(18:17:31) Andrew: or caseys
(18:17:35) Me: Well you can’t.
(18:17:46) Me: We’re not in an open relationship, last I checked. 😛
(18:18:10) Andrew: fine then!
(18:18:19) Me: ?
(18:18:21) Andrew: lol
(18:18:29) Andrew: i can wait till your booty gets here
(18:18:52) Me: I can’t wait tell my booty gets there either, so that I can have booty. 😛
(18:20:16) Andrew: whose booty you getting?
(18:20:31) Me: I’m sure we’ll find one… And if not, I’m taking yours. 😛
(18:20:42) Andrew: nopers
(18:20:43) Andrew: never
(18:20:59) Me: If I rape you.
(18:21:11) Andrew: ill dump you
(18:21:18) Me: But I’ll at least have your booty.
(18:21:25) Andrew: im sure it would be worth it
(18:21:37) Me: That tight ass, I’m sure it would be.
(18:22:27) Andrew: stop youre getting me excited
(18:22:37) Me: Why should I stop.
(18:22:47) Me: I’m sure byron and casey would like a piece of that hot ass too.
(18:22:59) Andrew: probably they would
(18:23:02) Andrew: i have class soon
(18:23:05) Andrew: and im already horny
(18:23:21) Me: So, IM byron and have him come over.
(18:23:31) Me: You can make it a quicky.
(18:23:37) Andrew: mr booty isnt clean
(18:23:48) Me: I bet his is.
(18:24:10) Andrew: lol
(18:24:11) Andrew: hes not on
(18:24:24) Me: Sure he is… He just has an away message up.
(18:25:09) Andrew: well than that means he isnt there
(18:25:16) Me: No it doesn’t.
(18:25:33) Me: I have an away message up 90% of the time I’m at my computer.
(18:25:39) Andrew: you keep telling me that i can fuck him and one day im just gonna
(18:25:59) Me: Well you keep telling me I can fuck Justin and one day I’m just gonna.
(18:26:11) Andrew: fine then, i guess were even
(18:26:17) Andrew: well both fuck someone else, then reconvene and fuck each other
(18:26:26) Me: I don’t like that plan.
(18:27:14) Andrew: you dont like the plan where youcan fuck me?
(18:27:26) Me: I don’t like the plan where we fuck other people.
(18:27:32) Me: I love the plan when I can fuck you.
(18:27:36) Andrew: well you cant
(18:27:41) Me: I know.
(18:27:41) Andrew: 😛
(18:27:45) Me: So stop being so mean about it.
(18:28:30) Andrew: im not mean about it
(18:28:37) Me: ) Andrew: well you cant
(18:28:47) Me: And you’re teasing me again about it.
(18:28:47) Andrew: im joking
(18:28:49) Me: That’s pretty mean.
(18:29:14) Andrew: its mean to make you think that you can fuck my hott ass?
(18:29:23) Me: Yes
(18:29:32) Andrew: oh i didnt realzie
(18:29:42) Me: You did too, we’ve talked about it before.
(18:29:53) Me: And why are you being so snide, or whatever.
(18:29:54) Andrew: im clearly joking through all of this
(18:30:29) Me: Yeah, but you’re still teasing me.
(18:30:51) Andrew: k im done
(18:30:59) Me: What is wrong with you?
(18:31:28) Andrew: nothings wrong with me, thanks
(18:31:46) Me: I think that something is.
(18:32:19) Andrew: im having a bad day, like i told you
(18:32:27) Me: So why are you taking it out on me?
(18:32:38) Me: Why don’t you talk to me about it more, like I asked you to do?
(18:33:15) Andrew: i already told you abou tit
(18:33:21) Andrew: and then getting into a fight with you didnt really make the day better
(18:34:01) Me: Well I’m sorry we got into a fight because I can’t afford to go over my minutes, which you know that I can’t do, and I tell you everytime we talk during the day.
(18:34:23) Andrew: it has ntohing to do with that b/c i understand that and you know it b/c i have the same issue
(18:34:28) Andrew: its how mean you were about it
(18:34:34) Andrew: and im not even mad about that anymore
(18:34:46) Me: Then why are you being so mean to me right now?!?
(18:34:54) Andrew: IM NOT
(18:34:56) Andrew: how am i being mean?
(18:35:41) Me: Andrew: nothings wrong with me, thanks
Andrew: k im done
(18:35:42) Me: etc.
(18:36:08) Andrew: you were geting all upset with me
(18:36:17) Me: I was not, you were being upset with me!
(18:36:20) Andrew: and asking me “whats wrong with you?” isnt the most endearing way to find out if somethings wrong
(18:36:28) Andrew: no you were getting all annoyed about me teasing you when iw as just joking
(18:37:02) Me: Well you know what, I asked you once before in this conversation what’s wrong, and you said nothing. And obviosuly something WAS wrong, what else did you want me to say to ask?
(18:37:36) Andrew: but nothing is wrong
(18:37:45) Me: YEs something IS wrong, you’re mad at me.
(18:38:02) Andrew: im not mad at you but im getting frustrated
(18:38:12) Me: Well then WHY DON’T YOU TALK TO ME ABOUT IT.
(18:38:20) Andrew: im getting annoyed with this right now
(18:38:24) Andrew: what we are arguing over
(18:38:34) Andrew: and im annoyed that you snapped at me earlier and annoyed that you siad “whast wrong with you”
(18:38:41) Andrew: happy?
(18:39:47) Me: No, I’m not happy. Look I’m sorry that I was so rude to you earlier, but you KNOW that I can’t talk forever during the day, and you call me all the time and talk and talk about things that could be talked about later at night. I’d love to be able to talk to you about all that stuff, but when you said “can I call you for a minute” I thought you meant for a minute.
(18:40:02) Me: And what else do you want me to ask you when you’re obviously being annoyed about something and not telling me when I ask?
(18:40:18) Me: You’re getting MAD at me over things that you SHOULDN’T be getting mad at me about.
(18:40:46) Me: I’m sorry that you had a bad day, and I’d love to be able to talk to you for hours about it, but I just can’t
(18:40:50) Andrew: well you dont need to phrase it as “whats wrong with you” its so derogatory
(18:40:57) Andrew: why couldnt you say ‘is something wrong are you ok’
(18:41:00) Andrew: not whats wrong with youi
(18:41:05) Andrew: that just pisses me off
(18:41:08) Andrew: when did you ask me??????
(18:41:25) Me: (18:04:47) Me: Alright. So why are you still mad?
(18:05:19) Andrew: imnot!
(18:05:27) Me: then why are you being so short?
(18:41:39) Andrew: but i wasnt mad
(18:41:43) Andrew: you didnt even have any right to ask me that
(18:41:52) Me: YES I DID!
(18:42:05) Me: What the can I do to make you happy? NOthing?
(18:42:37) Andrew: you can be a little more sensitive towards my feelings
(18:42:44) Andrew: when you say things like whats wrong with you it doesnt really sound like you care
(18:43:01) Me: Well you know what, when you don’t talk to me.
(18:43:12) Me: And I asked you once what was wrong, you didn’t talk to me.
(18:43:12) Andrew: I WAS TALKING TO YOU
(18:43:16) Me: You were not.
(18:43:31) Andrew: you didnt ask what was wrong you said are you still mad
(18:43:34) Andrew: and i responded with no
(18:43:35) Andrew: that i wasnt
(18:43:42) Andrew: and you still thought something was wrong b/c you dont believe me
(18:43:44) Me: Well you could have told me what WAS WRONG THEN!
(18:43:59) Me: Do I have to DRAG everything out of you?
(18:44:15) Me: Why can’t you openly talk to me and say.. “Hey, I’m just a little annoyed aabout thing, and I’ve had a bad day”
(18:44:28) Andrew: b/c i wasnt fucking annoyed
(18:44:35) Andrew: after you txt me back i was fine with everything
(18:44:49) Andrew: i wasnt mad at you anymore i was still having a bad day but nothing involving you
(18:44:59) Andrew: then i get here and you just accuse me of being mad and having something wrong with me
(18:45:14) Me: I did not accuse you of being mad, I asked if you were still mad.
(18:45:23) Andrew: and i said no
(18:45:27) Andrew: and then you couldnt let it go
(18:45:28) Me: And when you’re being SHORT with me what else am I to take away from that?
(18:45:50) Andrew: i wasnt even being short
(18:45:56) Me: YOU WERE TOO!
(18:46:16) Andrew: ok whatever you say
(18:46:22) Andrew: this is a reallys tupid argument
(18:46:24) Me: Fuck it. I’m done arguing with you.
(18:46:33) Andrew: oh ok fuck it’
(18:46:34) Me: Obviously nothing I can do will make anything any better.
(18:46:34) Andrew: good
(18:46:36) Andrew: im going to class
(18:46:38) Me: Just go to class.
(18:46:39) Me: Bye
(18:47:10) Andrew: dont tell me what to do
(18:47:11) Andrew: bye
(18:47:14) Me: GOOD BYE
(18:47:31) Andrew has gone away.
(18:47:37) Andrew is no longer away.
(18:47:41) Andrew: you are mean
(18:47:42) Andrew: bye
(18:47:44) Me: Bye
(18:47:47) Me: You’re the one being mean.
(18:47:50) Andrew: no im not
(18:47:51) Me: I’m just trying to fucking talk to you
(18:47:53) Andrew: youre the one accusing me
(18:47:57) Me: Nothing I can do will make you think that.
(18:48:03) Andrew: i said that i wasnt mad
(18:48:05) Andrew: and you wouldnt drop it
(18:48:07) Andrew: so how am i mean?
(18:48:08) Me: I’m not ACCUSING YOU OF ANYTHING.
(18:48:14) Andrew: ok fine
(18:48:16) Me: Bye
(18:48:23) Andrew: there it is
(18:48:24) Andrew: mean
(18:48:25) Andrew: bye
(18:48:28) Me: Bye
(18:48:29) Me: bye
(18:48:29) Me: bye
(18:48:30) Me: bye
(18:48:30) Me: bye
(18:48:37) Andrew: god youre a jerk
(18:48:45) Me: You’re the jerk
(18:48:50) Andrew: ok
(18:48:51) Andrew: fine
(18:48:51) Me: I was just trying to talk to you
(18:48:54) Me: and find out what was wrong.
(18:48:59) Andrew: and i told you nothing
(18:48:59) Me: You weren’t talking to me.
(18:49:01) Andrew: and you didnt believe me
(18:49:06) Andrew: and now youre just being nasty
(18:49:17) Me: You’re being nasty to me too
(18:49:17) Me: thanks.
(18:49:25) Andrew: but nothing was wrong and you couldnt belive me when i said it
(18:49:25) Andrew: you never believe me
(18:49:29) Andrew: and i dont have time to argue about it
(18:49:42) Me: I did believe you. but you STILL didn’t act like nothing was wrong.
(18:49:47) Me: So how can I believe that.
(18:49:58) Andrew: i dont see how i was ating like anything was wrong
(18:50:14) Me: Because you were being short and snide to me.
(18:50:24) Andrew: most of what you considered snide, i was just joking
(18:50:30) Andrew: nothing was snide at all
(18:50:39) Me: Well it didn’t come accross that way.
(18:50:41) Andrew: youre being a little sensitive
(18:50:44) Me: ME
(18:50:49) Me: ME? Being sensitive/
(18:50:49) Andrew: yes YOU
(18:50:51) Me: I think not.
(18:51:06) Andrew: ok
(18:51:16) Andrew: i guess im just overly sensitive
(18:51:20) Me: Yeah, you are.
(18:51:24) Me: Look at yourself.
(18:51:30) Me: Everything I say, you get mad at me about.
(18:51:32) Andrew: what the FUCK is that supposed to mean?
(18:51:36) Andrew: i dont even want to talk to you right now
(18:51:37) Andrew: goodybe
(18:51:40) Me: I ask you what’s wrong, you get mad, I tell you I can’t talk You get mad.
(18:51:40) Andrew: goodbye
(18:51:41) Me: Goodbye
(18:51:44) Me: fuck you.
(18:51:59) Andrew: i cant belive you just said that
(18:52:03) Andrew: dont fucking talk to me
(18:52:07) Me: fine.
(18:52:08) Me: good bye.
(18:52:11) Andrew has gone away.
(18:52:21) Me: You fuck off.
(18:52:21) Andrew : FUCK OFF
(18:52:28) Me: I was just trying to fucking talk to you, and you get mad at me.
(18:52:29) Andrew : FUCK OFF
(18:52:44) Andrew is no longer away.
(18:52:52) Andrew: now that youve got me incredibly upset and crying i hope youre happy
(18:52:53) Andrew: im leaving now
(18:52:54) Andrew: for real
(18:52:57) Andrew: goodbye
(18:53:02) Me: Well I’m not happy that you’re crying.
(18:53:08) Andrew has gone away.
(18:53:11) Andrew is no longer away.
(18:53:16) Me: I just wish you could talk to me when I try talking to you, and not get mad at me.
(18:53:24) Andrew has gone away.
(18:53:34) Me: Fine, you can call me.
(18:53:35) Andrew : worst. day. ever.
(18:53:37) Me: good bye
(19:03:26) Andrew has become idle.

The whole thing started because I asked him. “What’s wrong with you.” because I simply wanted to know why he was so obviously upset about something.

You know, I honestly don’t think I did ANYTHING wrong here. But apparently I did.

I’m sorry for whatever it was.

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