Going Out.

Welcome everyone.

It hasn’t been too long since I last updated and as usually not much has really happened.

Currently I’m sitting here at StarFucks drinking, yes.. I admit, I broke down and bought a coffee. Because Diedrichs was closed. 🙁 Either way, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee waiting for JonJon to get off work and for Nikki to get here so that we can all go out to TigerHeat. That should be tons of fun, though we’ll get back about 3am which will leave me with enough time to shower and maybe take a nap. We’ll have to see how I feel about that time. I got a double shot mocha so hopefuly I won’t be tired by that point.

I can’t wait to get back to my normal schedule again so that I’m not as grumpy/etc. all the time.

Today I really snapped at Ty, about a couple of things and I feel bad, but I also think that it was about time that someone snapped at him about it. He was just being so fucking annoying about a ton of shit. Mostly I snapped at him about my computer. I was getting ready to put it away when he grabs it and goes, ‘WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PORTS!”

Now, if you’ve ever SEEN a powerbook you know that there’s 10 ports on the one side of the machine. There’s the OBVIOUSLY needed power port, along with a modem, ethernet, firewire, (2) USB, Monitor, mic in, audio out and then the lock port.

He goes, “My laptop doesn’t have NEAR that many ports” and it’s like, have you sat DOWN and counted how many ports your stupid compute has? Grrr. He’s so annoying. And then he gets into it with me about how Apples such, when the stupid whore hasn’t even used one since like System 7 or something.

THEN he gets into it with me about the iPod because he’s like, “I heard that have shit ass sound quality” and it’s like, “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU HEAR THAT FROM”… iPods have ALWAYS been known for their superior sound quality. God he’s so stupid.

THEN earlier I asked a VERY SIMPLE question about this stupid Star Trek which he is CONSTANTLY watching, and the answer was….”He hasn’t been designed yet” but do you think Ty could leave it at that? No he had to be all derogatory and try giving like a 10 fucking minute explanation. Then I was like, “Did I ask?” And he was like, “No but I’m going to tell you anyways, so which I responded, ‘Shut up, I didn’t ask and I don’t care.”

god I was just SO ANNOYED with him tonight.

In other news, work is goinng really well. I got all the validation done for the timesheet program and got volunteered today to write a new web/db application for change request forms. Because right now when someone needs to do an upgrade to a production server, we (the HD) sent out a form to them, they send it back, we enter it into pivotal (which is a HELLISH system devised by pfizer and is ungodly slow) and then we run reports, etc off that.

Then when there’s a change, (IE approval or denial of the ability to do the upgrade, or when it’s completed/failed/etc) we get an e-mail then have to go in and update the pivotal ticket,e tc. Basically it’s just a TON of work for the HD. So I get to write a new web based system so that SA’s can enter everything themselves and all the HD has to do it run the reports and notify people of the planned changes. So it should be good, and easier to do then the timesheet program because there won’t be so much redundancy in the fields.

We also got yelled at today because one of our clients is on a war path with us. Basically she sent in a request to have some work done a couple weeks ago and because Mike is so fucking slow, it didn’t get done. So we all get yelled at. Thankfully _I_ took the initiative to have it done just the other day. So that’s good.

Another thing is that Mike at work is SO SLOW! It took him 4 hours to do something this morning that usually only took me about 30 minutes to do. God it’s so annoying and then today during the HD meeting with Jill he complained that the HD was ‘swamped’ with calls. Hello, we’ve been getting 6 or 7 calls A DAY for the last two weeks or so. Nothing that is OVERLY stressful either. It’s just that he’s so slow when it comes to writing things up and doing shit. Grrr.

Anyways. Yeah.
So that’s my life

The other night Jon and I watched HellBoy, HORRIBLE movie. I reccoommend NEVER seeing it. Last night we watched 50 first dates. That was a pretty good movie considering who was in it.

Tonight like I said it’s off to tigerheat which should be tons of fun.

Well StarFucks is closing, so I’ve got to break. Laters all.

3 thoughts on “Going Out.”

  1. haha…. to bad Tigerheat didnt happen.. that would have been shits and giggles… we could have been the hottest ones there! that would be GREAT fun! show it off in front of my ex that he isnt the shit 😉 *muah* talk to you later man!

  2. Ahh, yes too bad it didn’t happen, but it was tons of fun trying to find it! And hello, who knew you could randomly run into homos on the streets! That’s unheard of!

    That and the excitment of my peeing extravaganza! Woot!


  3. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had morons who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground tell me why macs are bad computers…and refuse to be educated even when you tell them point blank that they are gibbering idiots. I mean honestly, if you’re a gibbering idiot, you should know it…and take measures to be educated, by people like us who embrace Apples orgasmic qualities…

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