Spamming Comments

I’ve been getting hit HARD with spamming comments lately. So if I’m down at any point, assume I either killed something, or am upgrading to take care of spammers. Fuck you all. (Since midnight I’vve received over 300 spam comments.

I hate the internet!

Anyways. Been busy mad studying for my test lately. I’ve finally started to get into the 90% range on the practice tests… I dunno if that means I’m finaly learning the material, or if I’ve just finally memorized all the test question answers. Either way. Retake on Wed or Thursday. I ‘m going to talk to Daemon today when he comes in and see if he can recommend somewhere good. I really don’t want to go back to IVC.

Builds tonight are going ok. However for some reason it deployed to italy-staging-eng, but failed when deploying to italy-staging-it… Hopefully it doesn’t fail on any of the real QA sites cause that would suck ass. It’s been uploading for about 1 hour 40 minutes, so another 1.5 hours before I get to start deploying it to the QA sites. They added 2 more to the list as well, which means it’ll take about an hour longer then it used too.

Found out tonight that Andrew dated Dan for a whole 5 days. We also had a good talk about lots of things and good old times. We’re going to start doing a lot of the things that we said we’d do before I moved here… More weekend trips, more outings and adventures. So I’ll probably be around a lot less on the weekends.

I’ve got my computer set to record the price is right. That’s REALLY exciting. I recoreded yesterdays to make sure it was all set up, and then before I left I started the conversion process from a NUV to a Divx file, so that way I can burn it to CD and distribute copies to people who want to see it.

Not too much else going on in my life. Like I said, lots of studying and lots of practice test taking.

I found this REALLY cool site yesterday called They Rule it links all the top executives of US coporations to all the other corps around and also to government bodies. It’s really really cool. IT was neat to find out that Apple is one of a VERY VERY small number of corporations who’s Board of directors doesn’t sit on any other board or government organization. I just thought that was cool of APple to do, and I hope they keep it up! Anyways, everyone check it out, and click on the link: “Find Connection” and then enter your two favorite corps. Also play with the saved maps too!

I’m out, laters all.

The Sims 2!!

Yay! This game is so hot! Why isn’t it out for mac yet!?!?

Read some VERY hilarious stories here. OMG, it’s great!

HAHA! God I love the evil things you can do in this game.

Ok, So today has been really fun. Though I got about 1 hour of sleep this morning and then came home and slept the rest of the day.

Well anyways, last night was pretty good. JonJon came over and cooked dinner then we hung out in the living room for a while. He fell alseep at sometime, and then I went to bed later. We got up about 5:30 and got ready then headed over to Nikki’s house. Met up with her and everyone else and then headed up to Newport Beach. JonJon and I got there WAY ahead of everyone else, so we got kick ass parking. Got checked inand then walked around looking at shit.

The other people got there later and checked in. TONS of fucking people everywhere.

Finally it came time to walk and we did. That was lots of fun but it was really really hot!

After the walk we went over to Fashion Island and shopped. jonJon and I got ditched at the first store we went to (The apple store), so we just shopped on our own.

From there we broke and got lost in Irvine, eventually made it to the spectrum where we ate lunch then broke and went back to my house. Watched a movie but we both feel asleep like 5 minutes into it. I woke up sometime in there and went to my actual bed. And slept tell like 7 or so. Called Andrew and told him I wouldn’t be up tonight.

After that I went back to bed and slept tell 12:30 when JonJOn called me. Thankfully he called me too, or else I would have probably slept ALL fucking night long. Gah! That would have been horrible shit.

Anyways, ran into work and here I am working, but I’m so tired and about to fall alseep any minute.

Today will be spent sleeping a lot too. 🙂

I think I may be sick or something. Who knows.

Anyways, laters all.

Welcome WordPress

Sweet Action dude! I can now update my Myspace journal through wordpress! Hot ass!

Lets see the last couple days have been pretty amusing. I got home from work on Monday morning and couldn’t sleep. So I sstayed up all day and hung around. JonJon came over and we went down to Laguna beach and I bought two new shirts. Well one is really a jacket. but they are both HOT! I’m going to wear them next Wed. Maybe this Wed Too! Though I spent a bit much on them. lol

One was from G-Sus Sindustries and I can’t remember where the other was from. But they are so cute!

Umm, after that we hung out a bit more then headed home. I stayed home for a while and then finally was able to sleep for a couple hours.

Left for work and did that shit. Working on trying to update the Solaris box that I have in my office so that I can get firefox to work right. Bah!

Got home this morning and just hung out and went to bed. I slept very well today. JonJon came over sometime while I was sleeping and played Video gams and the like. once I got up we hung out for a while then met up with everyone and went to Long Beach to a Drag show.

The Drag show as tons of fun, but I like the ones in DM much better…. Better Drag Queens with better outfits, better music, louder music (IE, your body vibrates with the music), beter lights, cool laser shows, etc. Eh, whatever you can get I guess.

I had a really good time though and Jana and Kymie (Sp??, it’s something wierd like that) did the whole promise ring thing. It was so cute!

I felt a bit bad though cause JonJOn and I were driving together and I was on the phone trying to get directions and he was trying to tell me something (That I almost hit someone) and I told him to shut up, and then after wards was like, “NOw what did you want”… And anyone who knows me when I get lost and frustrated knows ohw I get, so It was a little mean and I felt bad for snapping at him like that. He didn’t deserve it.

Well anyways, laters all!


I meant to talk about this…Apple iPod Technology is really hot!