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Busy Day, and COLD!

So I’ve been meaning to update lately, but it’s just been way to busy for me to actually get around to it. Right now I’ve got a couple minutes, so I thought that I would take some time to tell you what’s going on in my life!

Well, lets see, last time we talked I was getting ready to start training at my job. I went to that and it was pretty good. A bit stressful, but good. The guy that was doing the training that day was very annoying. Mostly because he reminded me of someone I really dislike, his actions, the way he talked, even the way he looked. It was just annoying, I kept asking meself, is that so and so? lol

Anyways, we met the other managers and there’s like 2 hot ones. Good times. 😉 lol. Got out of there about 4:30, and then I sat around waiting for my group meeting at 6. We were in the group meeting for a while, got things together and then went to Copyworks and got it printed and bound. Total cost: $16.00! Grrr. After that I ended up waiting for 45 minutes for the bus, in the COLD! Brrr was it ever cold Sunday night! Ran into my workout partener though and we talked some, then he complained of the cold and went inside. Whore!

Monday was a long day as well. Went to my class, YAY only 4 more times of that class!!! After that I missed the normal express bus, so I had to catch the regular bus, which didn’t get me home tell 10:15… Usually I’m leaving for work at that time, so I quickly showered and headed off to work.

Lots to do there on Monday, which I really didn’t like because I had to do research for my job training Monday night, and I also wanted to get a presentation done for my MIS class. We go tomorrow.

Anyways, did all the work there, and bought a new Dual 2.0Ghz G5 from Apple. That was fun! We spent a lot of money Monday!

After work I went to class, which was usual, had two group presentations, and they were both really bland. Got done with that and then went off to my training again.

I was again really nervous for that because we were all going to have to talk infront of people and shit, and basically just make asses of ourselves. Very annoying.

Lucily it was one of the hot boys doing the training yesterday, so that was fun, he told us stories about him getting drunk and arrested for the first hour of the class. lol. Good times!

After he was done with his stories we did a review, and by that time it was break time, so we did that. After break we went back and did the things. Thankfully he only made two people do them, and then the rest of us broke into groups of two and did it there. YAY! lol.

I got stuck with some stupid bitch though. She really was stupid!

It’s really funny though cause there’s this one girl who totally reminds me of Beak, like 100%! She even had read hair! She just totally has the additute that beak has and everything. IT’s so funny!

We got done with that right at 9 and from there I caught a bus home and ate and then went to bed. Good times, it was a really long day!

Today is going to be just as long, I left my house this morning at 7 and won’t be back tell like 9:45 or 10ish. And the worst thing is that I have NOTHING to eat in my apartment! 🙁

Had class this morning which was pretty boring, though I’m very excited because we only have 3 more classes left in there!!!!

MGMT 414 was alright, we just did group presentations. PoliSci was boring as hell like usual. I spelt through it, the first 20 minutes of class he talked about how if he had more time he would do this and that. IT’s like, well you don’t HAVE more time, and you are just wasting time by telling us this!!! IT was very annoying.

Group meeting after that and we got the presentation done for my MIS thing tomorrow. One last group meeting for my MGMT presentation on sunday and then that’s done with YAY!

Then class again, and now I’m typing this. After I’m done I have some notes to type up and then class and then training again tell 9. I hope I do good! 🙁

Laters all.

I forgot to mention how COLD it is in this lab, and how funny it is because all the professors are moving out of Carver and into the new business building. Very amusing. They all have BOXES of junk around the offices and papers stacked all over the place, and there’s tons of Marketing books and finance books around. Very funny.

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