My Life


Yay, it’s the first snow of the season! I’m excited.

Last night was a REALLY long night.

I left my apartment at 7 yesterday morning and got back about 10 last night. Grrr, And I was stuck standing in the snow/cold wind for about 40 minutes waiting for a bus. I guess I’ll have to start driving more. Grrr.

Work was alright. Training is over, so the next time I go to work I actually get to work, I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

We spent a lot of time talking with the trainer about where he’s from and stuff, apparetnly he speaks 8 languages. Plus he’s cute, lol.

Speaking of cute guys, there’s this guy in my MIS group, who if you just saw him you would think was a luad annoying jock whore face bitch. Well, it’s very funny because apparently he’s really shy, and hates talking infront of people, and today we have a class presentation. Good times. I just think it’s really cute/funny that he’s so shy. lol

And that’s been my life for the last couple days.


Laters all!

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