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So it’s been a while since I last updated.

Well, over the course of the last couple days, I’ve gone to a job, and quit a job as well. lol.

So Friday was my first day at actual work, and it wasn’t too bad. I called a lot of crazy old people, trying to raise money for Morrill Hall. A lot of them were really cool to talk to, and I learned a lot. I got $250 on my second call, so that was really good. Plus the supervisor was listening in on that one, and he said it was the best first day call that he’d ever heard. So that was way cool.

I talked to a whole bunch of people, and I’ve told Andrew many of the stories over the last couple days as I’ve rememebered them. Right now I can only remember a few:

1) A crazy who tried to convert me, after he had pledged $25. “Do you go to church”…”Do you have a bible”…Etc, etc. You know the routine
2) A crazy who talked for 30 minutes about wind tunnel testing, but I didn’t understand a thing he was talking about!
3) A woman who got on the phone while I was talking to her husband and went… “Dr., I need you downstairs, could you please come down.” It was so funny. It’s like, “Can’t you just hang up on me!”

So yeah, I had a pretty good night my first night. Though very annoying, and amazingly stressful. I don’t see how people can do it.

After that I came home and just hung out here for the night. Saturday I went to Valley Junction and talked to this woman and found out that a gift I had been given a while ago was stolen. I returned it to her, and she gave me a cute little thing for it. I was happy and glad that I had done a good deed.

After that I went home and started to work on my mom’s chirstmas present. That took FOREVER! Much longer then I thought it would take. And it’s still not done. Hopefully I’ll get that finished next weekend.

About 4ish we headed to Ames to go to dinner. It’s my dad’s b-day today, so we went to dinner last night for him. I hate going to dinner with my family. They all just sit there and look at each other, no one ever had anything to say. Very annoying. We went to hickory park though and I got a patty melt. That was nummy! And the hot boy came and sang at my dad for his b-day.

We got home about 7ish and I just spent the rest of the night around the house. I was in a very bad mood, I really didn’t want to do anything, but I REALLY didn’t want to be home all night. I did wrap all the presents that I have for the holidays and let my mom pre-shake hers. She couldn’t guess what it was.

Today I got up about 10ish cause I really just wanted to lay in bed all day, and came to work. I HATED today! The first had me on calling Seniors, and they were all WAY rude, and stupid and very annoying. Grrr at them all. Then after like 5 calls I got switched to Old people again, which I really like. But the whole night I only got $25. I was sad about that. 🙁

I did get evaluated again though. And it was on one of my harder calls, the woman was really hostile. The super said that it was also one of the best calls he’d heard though and he gave me all 4’s (4’s are the highest) on everything except the Asks, because that’s where she got really hostile and I kinda got mad, so I was a little rude with her, so he gave me 3’s there. But still really good.

Anyways, I’ve made the decision that I’m not going to go back to work there. I just can’t deal with it. Very annoying.

Now I have to go and get to work on a group project, because I have a meeting at 8pm tonight. I relaly don’t want to go to that. Grrrr.

Laters all

I also meant to write about how last night my mom and I were watching TV, and came across a show called: “Iron Chef USA: Holiday Showdown (CC)” And I was like.. COOL, I wonder what it is. Maybe a holiday Iron Chef here in the US… Well we start watching it and it’s a TOTAL HORRIBLE rip off of the original version, with get this…… William Shatner hosting it! It was sooooo bad. I wanted to cry!

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