Long Days

Today has been a really long day.

I haven’t been home for over 12 hours now. I worked out this morning, and I’m a bit sore from that. My legs really hurt, as does my forearm. I have a horrible headache, and I’m dead tired.

I think I may just go home and crash.

Sue sent me a really funny e-mail. Basically saying that while Andrew is down, and not able to talk over the break, she’ll call me and let me know how he’s doing. How nice of her! She’s such a nice woman!

I’ve been in and out of work all day long, an hour here, 45 minutes there, a couple hours there. A lot of running around. I had a meeting for my Yucatan thing at noon today. I went there, and this REALLY REALLY annoying guy got into the program apparently. Very annoying. He asked about his being able to take his meds on the plane like ten times. And for some reason asked what the altidute was going to be there? I dunno what that was for. He’s just really stupid and annoying. And he’s nasty, and a blargy! He ate 7 peices of pizza while we were there.

I’m really hoping that he’s not my roomie while on the trip. That will be way annoying. I’m kinda hoping to get the Gaysian, and Aaron. I don’t know how many guys are going though. So far I’ve only seen 5, Hopefully they don’t put us all in one room. I’m thinking that maybe we’ll be 2 to a room. That would be nice. They’ve got 20 seats on the plane though, so I don’t think we’ve seen everyone. I’m very excited for the first day of classes, but just for that one class. I don’t want to go to the others.

After that I went and got my passport. I forgot to fill in a lot of the stuff. So I had to call my G&G to get it from them because my PU’s didn’t answer the phones. I got it though. I really hope my PU’s reimburse me for the $100! I really can’t afford that.

From there it was back to Krell to work for another hour or so, then I went back to campus for class. It was SO annoying. Stupid people giving presentations.

Class was over, thank god! And I came back to work. Which is where I’m at now. Getting ready to leave soon. YAY, couch… HERE I COME!

Laters all!

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