Boring Days

So today has been uber freaking boring, and since there isn’t a boring mood on here, I guess I’ll have to use rushed, because I’m also being very rushed.

Got up this morning about 7, which is back to my normal time. Hopefully I can keep that up for the rest of the week. Showered, dressed partially, did my abslide. I can’t do as many as Andrew did, but I still did 100, which I think is pretty good. Perhaps I’ll do some more once I get off work. I felt good working out again though. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up now though, and maybe even work back into doing my arms. I’ve slacked off on that since Christmas, before then I was doing it every other day with 25 pounds.

After that I finished dressing and then sat around my house contemplating doing the HW for my MIS class. He said Friday that he would put the HW up that day, and one of them he would mark as being due Monday. So Sunday I left Andrew’s early so that I could come back and do the HW. I get here and check the website at 8 or so, and there’s nothing there. Well when I got up this morning, there was stuff there.

Ultimately I decided that it wasn’t worth doing and I just sat around tell it was time to go to class. Off I went to that and sat outside the room doing my group project. I really coulnd’t think of the entities and attributes that I would need for it, so I just kinda threw some things together and didn’t do much else. After that I read some more AdBusters. Which btw is really really GREAT!

Class was class and he changed the due date on that HW to tomorrow. So I still have that to do. Though it shouldn’t be that hard. Perhaps I’ll do it tomorrow before class. He also announced that our first test would be on Thursday. And that the first part of the project is due on Wed. So I’ve got a TON to do in that class. Tonight will consist of reading the book and looking over the notes.

After class I had to wait around for the bus. I was very annoyed. I could have made it into work if I rode my bike much earlier, but I didn’t because it was supposed to rain today and I didn’t want to get wet. So I missed some work today because of that. Though I’ll still be getting 7 hours in today. If I don’t get uber annoyed here and leave early!

I get to work and Chris G is back from SCC last week. So I knew it was going to be a long and tedious day. There were 20 speakers at SCC, all giving 45 minute talks on the future of Super Computing, and the National Labs. They’re all a bunch of PhD’s and the like, uber smart, but the MOST BORING people to listen to. So I’ve been sitting here watching presentations all day long, making sure the encoding that we did there was good, and that the audio was good, etc. I’ve gotten through about 8 or so and I’m about ready to shoot myself. They want them all gone through today, there’s still 4 left, and I only have one more hour to go. I dunno how that’s going to get done. And then they want them encoded into RM and on the web by tomorrow afternoon. We still have to take all the Powerpoints and convert them to PDF’s as well, and design the webpages.

In other words, there’s aboslutely no WAY this is going to get done by tomorrow afternoon. So I’m feeling the pressure from that, and that’s where the being rushed comes in.

And that’s been my day. Hopefully it’ll get better once I get home from work. I still have a lot to do before Andrew gets here tomorrow night and very little time to do it all in. Though I know I’ll be able to pull it off!

I can’t wait to see him again though. Next week when he’s gone is going to be very hard. I think that I’ll go to camp that week just to hang out for a couple nights. I know I’ll go at least Sunday/Wed/Friday nights for the major campfires. But I might also go a few other nights for the other activities. We’ll have to see though if I feel like driving all the way there or not.

While I was hanging up shirts last night I found out that I’ve now run out of hangers. When I first moved into my apartment, I bought like 3 big things of hangers and never thought that I would use them all. Now I have 10 more shirts that need to be hung up and no hangers to hang them on! How amazing really.

Eudora ia being a bitch. I love how companies follow standards. Learn how to read Qualcomm! The specs clearly specify how to impement SSL. Why couldn’t you get it right? And they’re coming out with a new version… 6.0 beta and it’s still not fixed. That means they’ve put out 4 defective products. Bastards!

Plans to go to EWR and LAX are coming together. Looks like I will be able to go, and I’m very excited!

Just a few other random things to clean up…
1) UnBrand America
2) Corporate America Flag Jam
3) The G5
4) Panther

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