Not Far From The Truth

Well, you know what It’s a really good thing that I didn’t type a 3 page long private update and have Microsoft Works randomly stop responding just as I was finishing up about today.



And let’s be honest, not that I don’t want to write it all again, but I’m just not going to, it was fucking 3 pages and took like 45 minutes.


This weekend was very good.

Swimming at gray’s lake w/ creepies. Eating good dinner at Beckys. Rimming in the hot tub. Fingering all over the place. Cumming a lot that night.
Damn, now this update sucks b/c I’m cranky about losing the last one.

Adventureland today was really really fun. Chris came over at like 10:30, and then we left w/ Erin and Court and headed out. Got there and got in and started riding rides.

There was a bit of a problem w/ the roller coaster situation. Chris doesn’t go on roller coasters but I really wanted him to. In my mind, I was hoping that one day he would be able to tell people that he hated roller coasters but that this guy Andrew that he knew forced him to go on one once, and it changed his life forever, and now he isn’t afraid at all. I just wanted to help my baby. But it’s ok, he didn’t see it that way and that’s fine. Everyone likes different things. It wasn’t enough to cause a fight or anything, just a minor annoyance on Chris’ part and a little frustration on mine. No biggie though.

The Race thingy was uber fun. As soon as we got our first clue, Ryan was off running. We tried to keep up but we had to run. Anyways Chris and I ran a LOT. We had to keep going on different rides, and it was fun b/c we would try to barter w/ people in line so that we could get ahead of them and make it. Anyways lots of running, lots of laughs and our team ended up coming in first!!!! YAY!!! We got 20 Adventureland Bucks. I used mine on food and games. I lost all the games, and was really pissed about it. More pissed than I should’ve been, since they were just stupid games. But it really annoyed me.

Didn’t really do much after that, came back here and layed w/ Chris for awhile, didn’t really want to ever get up but eventually we had to. Chris apparently thinks that he is the one who suggests that it is time for me to leave when I come up on Wednesday, which is completely untrue. I always do. Then he states he forces me out and feels bad. I never really feel forced, but it makes me feel really stupid when he says that. I can’t really explain it, it almost feels like he’s saying Yeah so you can’t leave on your own, so I have to force you out Anyways, I know that isn’t it, so no need to dwell on it.

Said goodbye and it was sad and I think at one point Chris was either A. About to tear up or B. tearing up. Which I find so incredibly touching. I mean David cried a few times during our relationship, but it was usually over something stupid, and not anything actually involving me. It just shows me that he cares.

Now he’s gone and I’m sad. But he asked me to spend the night on Tuesday, so hopefully I can. And then Wednesday is our 2 month! My 2nd longest relationship, set to be the longest.

Here’s a little secret: I don’t have anything for him yet. I was SO fucking busy last week, plus I saw him EVERY day, so there was no time for me to get something. Plus, the damn thing I’m looking for, I can’t fucking find. So annoying. And I feel bad b/c I didn’t plan this well enough, and I wanted to do something original and creative, but yeah doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. I will make myself a note to begin work on a 3rd month present to make up for my lack of preparedness this month. And I know the material things are not a big deal, but I still want to get my Topher something nice. Hopefully he will like what I end up getting.

So random thought: the other Saturday at work before we went to the zoo, I was talking to Cara and Jean about going to the zoo etc, and completely randomly Cara is like So you’re in love with Chris? And I was like What?? Where did that come from? And she was like Spending the night with his grandparents, going on a trip to the zoo, you two are obviously in love. I was like Ooooook….. Very odd, but I don’t feel it’s far from the truth. Well, I hope it’s not.

Anyways to recap quickly since it all got lost, last week was very good. I surprised Chris on Monday in Ames and spent the night, he came down Tuesday and spent the night and we hung out all day Wednesday. Didn’t do much of any real importance.

Had a cry fest Wed. night b/c I suddenly had a panic attack about leaving and stuff. I just got in one of those moods that I can get in. Yeah so we cried and kissed and talked about stuff, I felt better afterwards but I did not want Chris to leave me. So sad.

And now I’m gonna be gone in a week again too. That will suck. Even more so than the other week. Well, it will and it won’t. It will b/c I won’t be doing anything there, like I was on the cruise. But it won’t b/c I will have access to a phone so I can talk to Chris whenever I want to. So that works out pretty good.\

Hmmm anything else important?

Other weekend memories
Screaming Woman
I really wanna fuck your hot ass
Reinstating Sister, sister The Proud Family

And a couple weeks back, it was really really funny, we were leaving my house and Chris was like Damn I should’ve brought my sunglasses, it’s so bright. And I was like Yeah, you are probably blind. And he goes I am. Then he proceeds to walk with his hands out, like he’s searching for something and going Where’s the car??? It was SOOOOO funny. I still laugh when I think about it.


All in all a great week. Can’t wait to see him again. Lots of scandalous ness to talk about real quick. I gave him head in the skywalks, and just recently on top off the parking garage by Javas. It was really embarrassing though b/c he was dry humping me and licking me and I turned around for something and there was definitely some woman who came out of the building and who was walking towards her car and saw us. I was so embarrassed, I just ran away. Funny though.

Dinner at Becky’s was uber good, even though there were really scary people at Gray’s Lake.

And so my WinAmp keeps going pink floyd, alanis, erykah badu, pink floyd, alanis, erykah badu it’s really fucking annoying.

Anyways, that’s about it, I miss my Topher man!


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