A Weekend of Tiredness

So what all has Chris been up to lately?

One hell of a lot! I left work early Friday to go help my dad get my mom’s b-day present. I had to leave 4 hours early to go help him. We get home, I take all my shit inside, including my backpack which still had my cell phone in it. And then we leave.

We had to drive to the Airport because my dad rented my mom a mustang for the week. We drive there, a good 80 all the way because I hate driving my dad places. I also have the windows down and the music loud so that I couldn’t talk to him. We get there and I had to park cause he wanted me to come in incase there was something wrong and they didn’t have the car ready or something. So I follow him in, he hands me $3 for parking. I’m like, hello? How about paying me for the gas that I wasted driving all the way from Ames, to our house, and then to the Airport, or how about paying me for the 4 hours that I had to miss from work. He gets the keys and then walks off.

No “Hey, thanks” for driving him there, no thanks for taking time off work. Nothing. You know, I really didn’t have to go and help him. I really didn’t have to, but I was being nice by taking time off work. And one other question I have, why didn’t Andy just drive him. He’s got a car, he could have just followed him home. Why the hell couldn’t Andy have done this. I was so pissed off by that time at that asshole. Thanks alot!

So I get back on Highway 5 bypass cause I wanted to get back to WDW to get some things for Andrew, and a b-day card for his mom. By this time it was 4:15 or so. I start driving, doing a good 80, when about 2 miles from the Fluer exit, traffic suddenly STOPS! I was like, “Great, just what I need.” I figured it was just road work or something, and we’d get through it fairly quickly. So I stick it out, and get up a little closer (Because everyone was turning around in the median, and being complete assholes about it) and I see that it’s actually an accident and the entire road is BLOCKED! So I get up to a spot where my little car can make the median and turn around. Drive back to Fluer, get off and then drive ALL THE WAY through downtown DM, through rush-hour traffic and get onto 235, again more rush hour traffic. I finally made it to WDW and go to B&N to price a book for my mom about 5:15ish. I wanted to have everything done and have made it back to PC to get my phone, which I forgot initially and then back to Waukee to meet Andrew shortly after 5:30. Well, I knew I wouldn’t make it to PC and back in time, and by that time I was so pissed at all the STUPID drivers that I just drove to Andrew’s office and surprised him there. I think he liked the surprise and it was really good to see him, it made me happier.

From there we went to his house and talked and hung out the whole night with his sister. It was his mom’s b-day and we were waiting around for her and John to get back from supper so that we could surprise her. They finally got back around 8:30 or so, we did the surprise thing, ate so cake and then Andrew and I were off. I felt very weird being there bacuse it was all his family and then me. Very odd.

We went over to girls house and watched some movie. I was so tired by then that I don’t remember what it’s called. But I do remember that it was amusing.

After that we went home.

Saturday I got up fairly early and did a whole bunch of stuff. I don’t remember most of it. But I got a lot done.

After that I met up with Andrew after he got off work. We went out driving to do some errands. I had to go to Christian Photo to get some stuff, and after that we were on the way to his peircing place, but got side tracked by some garage sales. That was UBER fun and there were like 10 on every block! great times. After that we went to his peircer to find out what’s wrong with his eyebrow ring. He really doesn’t want to take it out, and I don’t want him to either! It’s so hot!

After that we went downtown to Sal-Val. I got some cute shirts as did Andrew. We’re both on budgets this summer, so we’ll be shopping there! We haven’t been to the mall to actually buy something in forever!

From there to beak’s. We went “swimming” at gray’s lake with her and leper boy. The water was too cold to go swimming because it really wasn’t warm enough to go. But there were tons of white trash there. We didn’t stay long cause beak was the only one swimming, although I think it would have been nice to stay a bit longer. I just wish we had the weather we had today, yesterday and the weather yeasterday today!

We left the lake and went back to Beak’s where we had the grilling fiasco. None of the grills worked, so we cooked inside. It was all still really really good! I need to hang out with Beak some more so that I can get my cooking expertise back again! After the food we hung around and talked for a while. Andrew and I left and went back to my house where we hot tubbed and spent the rest of the night just talking random talk! I drove him home and he was talking random talk and very incoherant. It was crazy!

This morning I slept in because it’s been long nights all week long and I was so tired! I got up showered and then headed over to Andrew’s. I wasn’t even in the door when Sue visiously attacked me and asked for a hug, and said that she didn’t hate me, and just really embarrassed me! It was very weird.

Met up with Girl #1 and Girl #2. Off to Adventurland we went. I had a REALLY great time there. I went on far more rides then I usually do, thanks to Drew Bear. Though I still wouldn’t go on the rollercoasters. They’re just too scary for me yet. Though I’d like to try one again some day. I did get quite annoyed a few times there with all the peer-pressure and shit to go on rides that I didn’t want too. Other then that it was a GREAT day. The Amazing Race that we did was TONS of fun and I ran around all of Adventure land barefoot because I was wearing sandles that you can’t run in. Now I have two really BIG blisters on the bottom of my feet and it hurts imensily to walk/do anything with my feet. But had a GREAt time.

After Adventure land I really wanted to go back to my house and swim, but Andrew and I decided to just stay at his and hand out, which we did. More good times, and Sue was uber nice to me! lol

Well, I’m really tired of typing so I’m done with this. I know there’s a lot that I forgot about, but I’ll put that in the private update which I’ll write laters!


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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering…
    Girl on Friday night = Katie
    Girl 1 on Sunday = Courtney
    Girl 2 on Sunday = Erin
    Just thought I’d clear that up.

  2. Thanks baby! I was just to tired to even TRY and remember thier names.

    Beak and Leper boy are lucky they got thier names in there and weren’t just refered to Cousin and Cousin’s Guy!


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