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Screaming Woman

Wow, so this weekend has been uber great!

Let’s see. What all had happened though, it’s been such a great weekend it feels like it was a whole week, and not just 3 days.

Friday was great. Just hanging out with Andrew at his house and talking to his sisters, etc. Very amusing time. Though I did feel really weird about being at his house for his mom’s b-day. It wouldn’t have been that bad if Bryce had been there, but he wasn’t. It was a nice thing though and we hung around. Not much else really happened that isn’t on my public update.

Saturday was the day of really funness. After the Goodwilling/Daving we went to the top of the parking garage behind JJ’s. We went up there and just kissed and talked for a while. Then I told him about how I’ve always wanted to climb on top of this big thing on top of the garage. Well Andrew, upon hearing this, just jumped right up there. And I wanted to get up, but I was afraid of the implications of it. IE, cops, getting kicked out, etc. So I was uber scared, but I did get up there, and it was so cool. I’ve always wanted to mess around up there, or to even get up there, but Adam was always a big scaredy cat.

After we got off of there, we went over to this other place, and we were messing around. Making out, bj’s, dry humping, etc. When Andrew turned around there was this girl walking towards her car. So amusing cause we didn’t even see her. So we ran off all scared like. It was funny!

From there to Beak’s it was a good time there as well. Getting to hang out with him on the beach and just talking about completely random stuff. Get Rich Quick!

That night we went to my house and hot tubbed. Really great times. Apparently after wards though we were laying on the couch talking and I said that he could fuck me if he brought lube next time. But I don’t think that’s what I said. I believe I said, If you bring lube you can finger me. But whatever. Lol.

The ride back to his house was uber confusing, and then we sat in his drive way forever talking. I was so tired by then.

Sunday was a great day as well, though I didn’t seem to be able to find the right words for anything and thus caused a few annoyances with Andrew I think. I hope that things are alright now though.

Got back to his house though and we were laying on his bed talking about how it was only 5, and then all of sudden it was 6. I said something like, Time flys when we’re together. And it’s true, it does. That got me thinking about how fast this summer’s going and how little time we have left together, and I started to tear up. With a quick change of subject though, we just missed another cry fest. At least for me.

After that I left and I didn’t want to, I invited him to stay Tuesday night. I hope that works out.

A few other things I wanted to touch on before going. One is camp, after the experience last weekend I think that I’ll go to camp this up coming week, while Andrew’s gone. That way he doesn’t have to be drug though the annoyances that happened last week with Ginny. I really want him to come to camp sometime at least though so that he can see it, and so that we can talk about why I love the BSA so much. But I don’t want to make him go three times in one week. Plus, I’d like to go and watch the OA ceremonies some, which even if Andrew wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to go see.

I wish that I had written this last night, because now I can’t remember why I put the confused mood on here. But whatever. I’ll leave it for now. Perhaps another update sometime.

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