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Defining Characteristics

So yesterday was a very annoying day, well mostly just the night was.

Ginny, Jenny, Jerry and Drew Bear all got here and picked me up shortly after 6ish. All was good, Jerry’s hot, I got to see Andrew, and it was a good ride there. Amusing times.

We get there and all start to walk around, Ginny talks to people who the rest of us have no idea what’s going on. It was a good time, I really enjoyed being back in a camp. Even though it wasn’t my camp, it still made me happy to be at a camp. We walked around the whole camp and Ginny showed us what’s going on, etc.

After that we went to a talent show, which was fairly amusing, though we were all confused by the crazy guy talking crazy talk. They sung a song that I knew from BSA camp. Of course it had to be one of the songs that I most hate. That song, and Singing in the Rain, and The knob song. I despise them all. It comes from having to sing them 3 times a week for the whole summer for so many many summers.

From there we went outside and played this really cool game called carpet ball? I think that’s what it was called. Gerry kicked everyone’s ass. Except for mine. lol.

After that is when the annoyance really started. I was already slightly annoyed that we were at a bible camp to begin with, but I knew where I was going, so that’s alright.

We went over to the staff cabin, and Andrew and I just sat there for like an hour and a half just watching everyone get thier faces painted. Jenny, Ginny and Jerry all helped paint. I was affraid to say anything, because I might sound to gay. Andrew and I couldn’t hold hands, because we might be too gay. It was just very annoying. And then I hear Ginny tell this boy that, “They’re gay, incase you hadn’t figured it out.” I wasn’t too annoyed with that, but I could clearly see that Andrew was. I found out later that she had told a few other people that we were a couple/gay. That annoyed me because she specifically said that we couldn’t “be gay.” She didn’t say it like that, but you know what I mean. And yet here she is telling people that we’re gay. Make up your mind, can we be ourselves, or do we have to put on these fake masks that we’ve had to wear the rest of our lives.

It was just very annoying, and as Andrew said, “That’s not a Defining Characteristic.”

From there to the mime thing, which Ginny had said started at 9:00 and would be OVER by 10. It definitally wasn’t starting at 9. It ended up starting closer to 10ish.

The whole thing was just very annoying from there on out and as the night passed I got more and more pissed off at her. She was very persistent about bringing us. And also said that it would be OVER by 10. It was finally over at 11, more jesus crap speak, more praying. I hate religion!

I was not a happy camper at all. I’ll just end it there.

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