Screw you Cancer!

You might be on edge in your closest relationships as the love planet moves through sensitive Cancer. Normally you like a bit of emotional detachment — just enough to give you some breathing room. Now, however, the object of your love may be too clingy and this can make you irritable. This phase only lasts for a few weeks, so stretch into it and try not to avoid the intimacy. It could even bring you joy.

I got home from the beach yesterday at 4.. I laid down on the couch for just a few minutes and woke up again at 8:30… Then of course I couldn’t sleep, hence the upate last night… Now I’m dead tired at work, and it’s only 4:47!

6 thoughts on “Screw you Cancer!”

  1. Just so ya know… I don’t see any post from last night in my Friends List on LJ. I had to go to your actual site to read it.

  2. Hmm.. I dunno. I saw the Friends Only post on the 16th. I know I’m logged in (that nifty nagivation bar thingy tells me so!), so it’s not that. I wonder if LJ is just being a general ass.

  3. I _LOVE_ The new navigation bar thingy!

    Yeah, who knows.. Not like it’s anything dirty in the friends only… Or is it? Who knows. Oh well!

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