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It’s the Rejection!

So… My oil needed changing, so I found a new place to take it in my new area. I found this “Chevron OilStop” and they were having a sale, it was only $19.99! From the normal $29.99. So I figure why not give it a shot.

I pull in and the guy greets me at my car. I say, “How long will it be, I’d like to just drop it off and go get my hair cut.” He says. “You have to stay with your car.”

I think to myself, that’s strange. Most places won’t let you anywhere NEAR your car while they are working on it. Liability and all that. So I’m like whatever, and just go for it. He starts talking and is like. “We’re not paid commission or to upsell you, we’re only here to offer you products that will help your car last longer, blah blah blah.” I start to think this was a bad idea, but I go for it anyways. So he starts his thing. First thing he does of course is say that my car is due for an “Oil Cleaner, it’ll only take an extra 3 minutes and will cost $12.95 more”. I’m like, “No thanks.” Then he goes on and starts his “38 point inspection.” Pulls out the air filter and comes back to me. “Excuse me sir, your air filter is due for replacement”. I tell him I had just done that. Cause I did. He goes back to work.

After a bit he comes back to me and starts to tell me that the oil plug is the wrong kind, and that they can sell me the “right” one for only $4.95! What a deal! I say, “That one has worked for 100,000 miles, I’m sure it’ll work a few more.” Then he goes, “Well it’s recommended you replace the seal every oil change, it’s only $1.99!”. No THANKS! Then he says… “Your car is due for a coolant and transmission flush it’s recommended every 60,000 miles”. UGH!

So I’m getting really pissy with this guy. He has NO IDEA what my car needs or does not need. I came in for a fucking Oil change, NOTHING ELSE! Stop trying to upsell me shit that I don’t need. I just got all this stuff done at 90,000 miles. My car is NO WHERE NEAR the 60,000 mile “recommended service” interval for these things. I could at least see him suggesting all this stuff if he had ASKED me when I last had service done. But he didn’t ask a single question.

I feel sorry for people who go in there not knowing anything and do everything this guy suggests. They’d be going in for a $30 oil change and walking out of there paying over $100!

In short, Never going back there again! 🙂

My scope today says this: Venus, planet of love, is going through sensitive Cancer, the sign of changing moods. Emotionally, this can make us long for deep connections … but moodiness can make love feel like a moving target. Luckily, Cancer bears a warm, mushy heart beneath its tough shell … so when you finally do break through, it’s sweet rewards.

Damn things, why can’t they ever be right! Ugh.

Anyways, yesterday after work I went to lunch with Robert, that was enjoyable. Did the oil change, then got my hair cut. I was wanting to have it bleached out to the color of my blonde spot. But I went to SuperCuts and apparently they can’t do that? Strange since they do highlighting! It’s the samn damn thing basically! Anyways. Maybe next time I’ll do it. I got it cut uber short again. Now Carlito can’t pull on it. Came home and hung out for a while. Waited for someone to call to see if they wanted to go on a bike ride, but they didn’t by 6, so I just went on my own. Did about 15 miles, pretty hard core too, got out a lot of anger. 🙂

Got home from that, showered and then finished MTM. Now I’ve got to go buy the Season 4 DVD’s. Where the hell is my Amazon Giftcard!? It should have been here days ago! Ugh.

After that I went to bed… I got a txt little after midnight that woke me up. It was someone telling me: “I just saw your boy.” I asked him what boy and where, but he never replied. It kinda pissed me off, I’m sure it was just Carlito, which who cares. But whatever.

Speaking of the boy situation. I’m still pissy about it all. It’s all about the rejection of the situtation, more then anything. I hate it. I’m sick of being rejected by the guys that _I_ actually like. And for stupid reasons always! And then when I try and grow and learn from it, I can’t get a good response out of them to figure out what it is that _I_ need to do to make myself a better person.

Screw them all though. I’m an amazing boyfriend, they are the ones missing out. I just need to deal with the rejection part better and keep going. There’s less then 6 months left for my quest to prove fruitful! haha.

I got moved into my new NB office yesterday. It’s bigger then the last, but I think the view is lacking (I get the airport instead of the mountians) and it’s not as bright (the sun comes up on the other side of the building). Also, it’s closer to the bull pin, so I can hear everything that goes on in there and I have to keep my music softer now. But I’m only going to be here one day a week, so I think I can survive. 🙂

I’ve found a VERY strange thing with my new MacBook.. Whenever I play the song “Birdland”, about half way through my speakers just stop… They make this high pitched sqeal and then nothing. Not a sound from ANY applications. I have to quit iTunes, and then everything works fine again. It’s the WIERDEST thing ever!

The guy is going to give me a check on Thursday for my old laptop. I’m going to by 2Gig’s of RAM and a 120 Gig HD for the MacBook. I’ve been using parallels a lot lately, and it’s a great application, but 1Gig of RAM is just NOT enough. You can hear it swapping SO MUCH whenever I have parallels open. And I’m down to 10gigs of free space on the 80Gig Drive that’s in here now. 🙁 Those two things will cost about $350, so I dunno what I want to do with the rest of it. I’m debating between:

1 – Saving it

2 – Getting my tat

3 – Building my clock

4 – Building my bed frame

5 – Going back to Iowa with it

6 – A crazy shopping spree!

What do you think I should do!?

Ok, seriously this was going to be a short entry about the damn OilStop, now look at it!


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I think you should use the excess money to build the clock or bedframe. But that’s me.. and I’m all domestic like that.

Also, in regards to the song in iTunes: Does this song play normally in WinAmp/Media Player/etc? Is it a standard MP3, or is it the iTunes MP4 format? It sounds like the file may be corrupt and when it gets to that certain spot, iTunes craps out and dies. I had some song and video files that did that. The songs would get.. 15 sec in and the computer would almost freeze, then whatever program was running the song would pop up the whole Windows Error pop up and have to be closed before anything else would work again. Same with the videos.

Haha. Yeah, I’m thinking about doing those too, becuase I need to do that sort of stuff. The major issue is that I don’t have the tools to do it with.

I’m really thinking negative about the saving, but I dunno!

And the song used to play just fine on my powerbook. I’ll have to check it out.. It’s in MP3 format.

If you can, try playing the song in something other than iTunes and see if it plays correctly. If that player also dies, it’s time to redownload the file. If it does play correctly, I’d see what Apple/Google have to say about it.

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