My Life

I need Answers!

Ugh… I’m still wanting more answers. I want to know what these damn expectations were, I have to know. :'(

I made a mistake tonight. I went through all the old txts that I still have from him and read them. I read the e-mails from him. I read his BF application…. It all made me so sad.

How the fuck does someone go from. “You’re so great”. blah blah blah… to. “I never want to talk to you again” over night?!


Everytime my phone rings, I still secretly hope it’s him. Every day when I come home. I see a fucking Green Jimmy on my street, and I hope it’s him.. I NEED TO GET OVER IT! I MUST, NOW!

Cearly he’s never going to reply to my last e-mail… But I still have to know. I HAVE to know, I can’t live without answers. I’m crazy like that.

I don’t get HOW he could be so sweet and so nice and so caring and then turn out to be such a fucking asshole!

Working at 3:30 am SUCKS ASS.

Goodnight all.

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